Medical Genius Chapter 1188

 Barbara did not speak, she held Dean and Mrs. Chen in a deadly embrace, still pressing her hands against the skin of both of them.

                To her, these two men were, as it were, her parents.

                In her life, she had never felt the warmth of any family members except at her mother's place.

                Nowadays, there were only three most important people left in her life.

                One was Lin Mo, and the other two, Dean and Mrs Chen.

                How could she watch these two die in front of her eyes?

                The Companions laughed furiously, this was his true plan.

                And now, the plan had finally come to fruition!

                In the distance, Sang Ho suddenly let out a loud shout, "Damn it, let's fight him!"

                "I, the 72 Dong of Miaojiang, will never be a slave!"

                With those words, Sang Howl was the first to rush up, wanting to fight with the Companions.

                The others all froze for a moment, and then they all roared and rushed forward.

                Sang Wu gritted his teeth and rushed up as well.

                "Seventy-two Dong, never be a slave!"

                Everyone roared.

                In the darkness of the manor, many people ran out, all of them from the Seventy-two Dong.

                They had come over long ago, and this time, they would fight to the death!

                Because, once Zun Zong had obtained the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, then the Seventy-two Dong would no longer be his opponent.

                It was better to fight to the death than to sit and wait for death!

                This was the thinking of all the Seventy-two Dong!

                Standing on the stage, looking at the crowd of people coming like a tidal wave around him, there was a cold smile on his face.

                He suddenly waved his hand, "Kill!"

                The left protector beside him immediately released a firework as a call to arms.

                As this firework burst, a sound of a locomotive roaring suddenly came from outside.

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see hundreds of vehicles speeding outside.

                The vehicles rushed inside the manor, directly knocking the people of the Seventy-two Dong into pieces.

                From these vehicles, hundreds of people rushed down.

                Looking carefully, these, all of them, were people from the Ten Great Families of Guangyang City.

                Of course, this did not include the people from the Zhou Family, the Fang Family, the Ding Family and the Liu Family.

                The people from the other six families, basically all of them, had rushed over.

                Standing on the stage, the Compass Zun said loudly, "I have sprinkled the compass control pills here, all the compass poisons, will lose their effect!"

                "The people of the Seventy-two Dong are just a bunch of ordinary people now, you need not be afraid!"

                "Kill them and you will have made a great achievement!"

                Hearing this, the men from the six clans immediately hissed and rushed in, fighting hard with the men of the Seventy-two Dong.

                At this moment, Huo Hua was wide-eyed as he looked straight at the six clansmen.

                There was no doubt that the people behind the curtain were hidden among them.

                But the question was, how to distinguish these people?

                At this moment, Night Charm came over and whispered, "Big Brother Lin, of these six families, there are four family heads that are controlled by me with the Charm Compulsion."

                "As long as I release these four family heads from the charm compulsion, they ...... they probably won't listen to the orders of the compulsion daddy!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare and immediately looked at Night Charm, "Four family masters?"

                "Then ...... that there are two more family heads that are not controlled by your charm compulsion?"

                Nightmist nodded.

                Lin Mo and Huo Hua looked at each other, and the two of them finally knew who the person behind the curtain really was.

                Without a doubt, the person behind the curtain was definitely these two family heads.

                They were in collusion with the Compass Zun, so there was no need for Night Mimic to control them!

                "Who are these two family heads?"

                Lin Mo immediately asked.

                Night Phantom: "Song Rize of the Song Family, and Li Chengduo of the Li Family!"

                Lin Mo's eyes widened.

                He had known before that Li Chengduo had problems.

                But he didn't expect that Song Rize had problems too!

                The Song Clan, it was the top ten clans, they were actually in collusion with the Companions too?

                A sharp aura flashed across Fire Hua's eyes as he said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, give me half an hour."

                "After half an hour, I'll help you kill the Compulsion Zun!"