Medical Genius Chapter 1184

 At this moment, in the shadows outside the Blooming Mansion, there were several people hiding, quietly observing the situation inside the house.

                They did not dare to enter the house, but, listening to the various crackling noises coming from inside, they could guess how the battle was going on inside the house.

                The battle lasted for almost ten minutes.

                Eventually, Huo Hua grabbed Lin Mo's ankles and dragged him out.

                Lin Mo fell to the ground, covered in blood, and looked like he was not far from death.

                A car drove up, and Huo Hua casually threw Lin Mo into the car, lit a cigarette and took a few puffs, before following him into the car.

                The few people next to him were overjoyed to see the situation.

                They hurriedly ran to find the masked man and reported these circumstances to him.

                When the masked man heard this, he was overjoyed and immediately contacted the Compass Zun and told him about the matter.

                This time, Zun Zong finally nodded his head in satisfaction: "This is a very good job."

                "However, you still have to be careful and vigilant."

                "Tonight, the Golden Silkworm Compulsion will be coming out."

                "This is my most important moment, as long as I subdue the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, I will be able to compete with the Six Kings of the World."

                "You must be very careful, don't let anyone spoil my big event!"

                The masked man immediately nodded, "Yes, Lord Compulsion!"

                "Oh yes, that Crown Prince, what will be done with him?"

                The Compass Venerable was silent for a moment, "When the matter is over tonight, let him go."

                "Lin Mo is already dead, there's no need to provoke Fire Hua."

                "Messing with the King of the Southern Realm would be somewhat more than worth the trouble!"

                The masked man immediately nodded his head, he really didn't want to make an enemy of Fire Wah either.

                At seven o'clock in the evening, the news of Lin Mo's murder spread through Guangyang City.

                Those who worked for Lin Mo were in an uproar when they learned of the news, and everyone was stunned.

                No one had expected that Lin Mo would die in such an unexplained manner.

                Fang Wu De and the others were dumbfounded on the spot.

                If Lin Mo was dead, wouldn't they, too, become fish on the chopping block?

                As for Tiger, he broke down on the spot.

                When Song Zhilan learnt the news, tears gushed out straight away.

                Of course, there were others who were overjoyed.

                Those from the Xu family, for example, especially Xu Yufang, directly ran to Xu Pharmaceuticals with all the Xu family members to cause trouble, yelling for Xu Hanxia to hand over Xu Pharmaceuticals.

                At the same time, Wu Fei Fei of the Wu family, also jumped out and made all kinds of noise.

                The young men who had been cleaned up by Lin Mo before also came out and mocked in various ways, even threatening to take Xu Hanxia down.

                Among the ten major families, apart from the Fang family, the Liu family, the Zhou family, the Ding family, the remaining six families joined together to swallow the construction company in Lin Mo's hands.

                These six families, who chose to drop stones at this time, added fuel to the fire of the matter.

                Xu Yufang immediately contacted some of his old friends and surrounded Xu Pharmaceutical, causing a fiasco.

                The entire production of Xu Pharmaceuticals came to a halt and everyone was waiting to see what would happen to Xu Pharmaceuticals afterwards.

                Xu Hanxia gets the news and faints straight away in tears.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui hid inside Wangjiang Garden, not daring to go out at all.

                Only now did they know that the Xu family was completely held up by Lin Mo alone.

                Without Lin Mo, the Xu family was worthless!

                On the He family's side, He Lao sat inside the house, sighing.

                He Qianxue's eyes were swollen from crying.

                In short, after the news of Lin Mo's murder came out, Guangyang City was in chaos.

                Nine o'clock in the evening.

                In the middle of the manor where Compass Venerable lived, Night Mime knelt in front of Compass Venerable, his face somewhat displeased.

                "Lord Compulsion Exalted, Lin Mo is already dead, why do you still want to drive his family to extinction?"

                Nightmist asked in a deep voice.

                Lin Mo had saved her life, and she was shocked beyond belief when she heard the news that Lin Mo had been killed.

                The Companions glanced at her and said in a cold voice, "You are asking too many questions."

                "There are some things that you don't need to know!"