Medical Genius Chapter 1183

 By the time he said this, the cigarette in Huohua's hand had already been smoked.

                He lit another one, not smoking it, just holding it in his hand.

                "There were no adults at home, and the food would always be empty one day."

                "We held out at home for five months without my parents coming back, and there was no way out, so my sister took me out to beg for food."

                "She cut up one of my mother's old clothes and turned it into a carrier. When I couldn't walk, she carried me on her back."

                "For seven years, we walked from the north all the way to the south."

                "For seven years, the most we ate was what was in the rubbish."

                "Starving and freezing was what we lived with most often."

                "But, no matter how hungry, my sister always let me have my fill before she ate what was left of me."

                "You know, my sister was called a poisonous spider by people outside, attracting butterflies, having many concubines, and eating people without spitting out their bones, and many people hated her to the bone."

                "But, you know what, no matter what she does, I will never, ever treat her with the slightest bit of disrespect!"

                "Because, with my own eyes, I witnessed that she was tricked into losing her virginity by an old man at the age of twelve in order to beg a tattered old cotton trouser for me, and gave birth to this son at the age of fourteen."

                "From the north to the south, I survived because my sister used her body for me too."

                "In her life, she has been cheated and victimised by men so much that she naturally hates them to the bone."

                "But, no matter what she really did, no matter what people on the outside really say about her."

                "In this world, any man can insult her with vicious words, any man can look down on her, but only I can't."

                "Anyone in this world can treat her badly, but not me!"

                "My sister has only two relatives in her life, one is me and the other is her son."

                "She was spoiled so much in her early years that her body broke down, and she only had this one son in her life."

                "Do you know why her son, too, took our surname Zhang?"

                "Because, to her, it doesn't matter who the father of her son really is. The son was hers, and that was the most important thing!"

                The third cigarette in Zhang Ye's hand was also finished, and he looked up at Lin Mo: "Do you think that I could not save her son?"

                Lin Mo fell into silence, he finally knew how these three people, could have developed such strange personalities.

                Honestly, after hearing these stories, he had some pity for the poisonous spider in his heart.

                This woman, to have made it this far, was really not easy.

                It was no wonder she was so ruthless.

                This world, is too unfriendly to her, so how can she be warm to this world?

                After a long silence, Lin Mo said in a low voice, "The story is very touching."

                "I think I misunderstood them before."

                "It's just that I'm afraid I can't help you with this yet."

                "I have things to do too!"

                Huo Hua smiled, "I'm telling you this story, not to get you to help me."

                "I just feel that the two of us seem to be in somewhat similar situations."

                "You used your life to protect your sister, likewise, my sister used her life to protect me."

                "What you can do for your sister, I can likewise do for my sister!"

                "So, Guangyang is Nanba Tian's territory, so what?"

                "As long as my sister is in danger, if it's a mountain of swords and a sea of fire, I'll barge in all the same!"

                Fire Hua threw his cigarette into the ashtray and directly stood up.

                It was only at this moment that Lin Mo realized that Huo Hua was really tall, almost one meter nine.

                He pointed at Lin Mo and said softly, "Sorry, your life, I have to take it!"

                After he spoke, he suddenly took a step forward and arrived directly in front of Lin Mo.

                With a casual punch with his right hand, he came straight at Lin Mo.

                Seeing him strike, Lin Mo sensed that something was wrong.

                He put his hands together and blocked the blow hard.

                However, it was as if he had been hit by a truck, and Lin Mo involuntarily retreated several steps.

                This Fire Hua's strength was surprisingly nothing close to that of the Compass Djinn Lin Mo had met before!