Medical Genius Chapter 1179

 Tiger's bedroom.

                Lin Mo walked in and found Tiger sitting upright, while Poison Spider stood on the balcony looking out from afar.

                With her back, she looked like a queen on high, making people want to kneel down to her involuntarily!

                When she heard the sound, Poison Spider didn't turn around either, but just said softly, "It's not bad timing to come."

                "This kitten's life has finally been saved!"

                Tiger didn't know whether to be thankful or to curse the street.

                He was at least the South Street Tiger Master, but in the eyes of people, he was now a kitten?

                Lin Mo whispered, "You are the Crown Prince's mother?"

                "What are you looking for me for?"

                The poisonous spider turned its head and looked at Lin Mo: "I'm here to kill you!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, "Why?"

                "Just because I defeated the Crown Prince?"

                "That's not the way you do things!"

                The poisonous spider laughed, "Did you even study my character before you did anything?"

                "Heh, no wonder Nanba Tian values you so much, you really do have something unique."

                "It's just that you don't know enough about me!"

                "It's true that I don't usually do things in this style."

                "However, once the matter concerns the safety of my son, then I will no longer have any bottom line or rules!"

                As he spoke, the Poison Spider walked up to Lin Mo.

                The first time Lin Mo saw Poison Spider head-on, she still looked as if she was a young girl, not at all like a mother of a child.

                One should know that the Crown Prince was already eighteen or nineteen years old, so how could the Poison Spider be so young?

                "Are you really the Crown Prince's mother?"

                "You ...... don't look like this?"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but ask.

                The poisonous spider first froze, then laughed and twisted around with her delicate figure.

                Only after a long time did she stop.

                Her eyes darted around, flirtatiously scanning Lin Mo's body for a moment before she whispered, "What a cute little fellow."

                "It's just a pity that for the sake of my son, you can only die!"

                As she spoke, the poisonous spider suddenly rushed out and reached Lin Mo in the blink of an eye.

                Her hands were like two daggers as she grabbed straight towards Lin Mo's neck.

                Fortunately, Lin Mo was prepared for this and immediately raised his arms to block her hands.

                The poisonous spider grabbed Lin Mo's arms with both hands and gave them a gentle push.

                Lin Mo only felt a strong force come over him, directly pushing him back a few steps.

                Lin Mo took a deep breath, this Poison Spider, her strength was really not simple!

                A hint of surprise also flashed in the Poison Spider's eyes before he smiled once again, "No wonder my son was defeated by you."

                "You really do have some skill!"

                As he spoke, the poisonous spider struck again, swiftly attacking Lin Mo with three moves.

                Each time, Lin Mo narrowly avoided them.

                This poisonous spider did not make any moves at all, it was completely at her whim.

                However, it was just that her attacks were very effective.

                Even Lin Mo had some difficulty in resisting them for a while.

                Moreover, what was more crucial was that this poisonous spider's internal strength was stronger than Lin Mo's.

                If the fight continued like this, Lin Mo would definitely not be a match for her!

                Lin Mo didn't dare to think too much as he took the opportunity to roll back a few times while he was dealing a blow to the poisonous spider.

                Taking this opportunity, he ate a Qi Blood Pill.

                This was something he had prepared to use against the Compulsion Zun, but now he could only use it in advance.

                As the Qi and Blood Pill went down, Lin Mo only felt his entire body boiling with Qi and blood, and the True Qi in his body was flowing rapidly.

                At this moment, his strength skyrocketed.

                He raised his hands and directly blasted a palm against the onrushing poisonous spider.

                This time, Lin Mo didn't move at all, while the poisonous spider directly took a few steps back.

                The poisonous spider's face changed and he looked at Lin Mo in shock: "You ...... how did you ......",

                Even Tiger was stunned, he hadn't thought at all that Lin Mo would even be able to defeat the poison spider.

                His expression couldn't help but become excited.

                Such a Lin Mo would definitely be able to swallow the Ten Families!