Medical Genius Chapter 1177

 Lin Mo helped Song Zhilan up and told her to take her uncle and go first.

                Seeing these two go, the prince was so furious that he was almost mad, hissing, "Lin Mo, if you dare let them go, I will not live with you!"

                "I will definitely kill you, I will definitely kill you!"

                "This debt, I will definitely not forget it, between you and me, a grudge has been settled!"

                Lin Mo sighed, he didn't know, why the Crown Prince was so angry.

                However, he couldn't ignore Song Zhilan's matter.

                He also ignored the crown prince and left straight away.

                The crown prince hissed frantically behind him, but in the end there was nothing he could do at all, and his eyes were so red with anger.

                Not long after Lin Mo had left, a group of people wearing masks suddenly walked in outside the door.

                These men quickly rushed in and directly subdued the crown prince and the others, quickly taking them away with them.

                After a period of ten minutes, one of the Prince's men returned from outside.

                Seeing the scene, he was stunned and quickly took out his mobile phone to call the Crown Prince, but he could no longer be reached.

                This time, he was even more terrified and immediately called to Hai Cheng, telling the Poison Spider about what had happened on the Guangyang side of the city.

                When Poison Spider got the news, he directly chartered a plane and rushed to Guangyang City overnight.

                At four o'clock in the morning, the stunningly demonic Poison Spider arrived at the Qing Yun Club.

                On her face, a rare expression of nervousness appeared.

                This was her only son, and it was where all her cares lay.

                If anything happened to the prince, how could she survive?

                She had someone go to the surveillance room to retrieve the surveillance, but it turned out that after Lin Mo came in, the surveillance of the Qing Yun Clubhouse, had been destroyed by someone.

                Therefore, she could only see Lin Mo going upstairs, and as for what happened afterwards, she couldn't see it all.

                This situation caused the poisonous spider's face to turn colder.

                The surveillance had been destroyed, so someone must have done it deliberately.

                The poisonous spider couldn't help but feel even more anxious.

                The other party had destroyed the surveillance, she had no way to investigate, and the other party might really kill the Prince!

                After a moment of contemplation, Poison Spider said in a deep voice, "Prepare the car, I want to go find Lin Mo!"

                At this moment, one of the Prince's men whispered, "Boss, Brother Prince, I don't think it was Lin Mo who captured him, right?"

                "When Lin Mo came, there was only one person, this must be someone deliberately framing him ......"

                Poison Spider glared at him, "Nonsense, you think I don't know?"

                "But, now we don't know who captured the Crown Prince, then I have no choice but to follow the other party's intentions."

                "The purpose of the person behind the curtain is to use my hand to deal with Lin Mo."

                "As long as I kill Lin Mo, the Crown Prince will be fine, do you understand?"

                It dawned on this henchman.

                Five in the morning, Sheng Shi Gong Mansion.

                Tiger's villa.

                After a busy night, Tiger slept with his clothes.

                Suddenly, Tiger, who was sound asleep, caught a whiff of a special aroma.

                He woke up quickly and opened his eyes, only to see a delicately shaped woman sitting on the sofa in the dark bedroom.

                Although the room was dark, just by looking at a silhouette, one could feel the unparalleled charm of this woman.

                The darkness, even, made the silhouette of her figure appear even more captivating.

                However, instead of a trace of joy in his heart, Tiger was now scared into a cold sweat.

                This was his bedroom, and throughout the entire Centurion Mansion, he had arranged for at least a hundred people to guard it.

                Inside and outside his villa, there were forty to fifty men.

                Among them, a dozen of them were retired special forces soldiers. There were also a few that were experts that he had paid a lot of money for.

                The villa was guarded by so many people, but as a result, a woman walked into his bedroom silently, and he did not notice any movement.

                Tiger did not move, and his right hand quietly grabbed for the weapon under the pillow.

                At that moment, the woman spoke up, "Don't move."

                "Otherwise, this hand will not be saved!"