Medical Genius Chapter 1176

 Song Zhilan came back from the dead and turned her head to look, only to see Lin Mo standing next to her.

                Her heart jumped and in this instant, tears could not help but well up in her eyes.

                It was as if she had finally found a man she could lean on, and she felt extraordinarily safe.

                The crown prince, on the other hand, frowned: "Lin Mo, what are you doing?"

                Lin Mo: "Crown Prince, Miss Song is a friend of mine."

                "I'll say sorry for them if they've offended you in any way, you ......"

                The prince was furious and shot up, "Shut up!"

                "Surnamed Lin, who are you? Who are you to say sorry for them?"

                "I'm telling you, you're just a piece of shit in my eyes too, you're not qualified to stand here and talk to me!"

                "Get out of here now, and I'll spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, tonight, you will have to die here just like them!"

                Lin Mo frowned, what was wrong with the Crown Prince? So much hostility?

                He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "Crown Prince, you should know that this is also a trap set by that person behind the curtain ......"

                The crown prince waved his hand impatiently, "Don't talk so much nonsense to me!"

                "I'm too lazy to care about so many things, I can kill whoever I want!"

                "Lin Mo, you either get out of the way or, I'll kill you too!"

                Lin Mo was also a little annoyed, "Crown Prince, I don't want you to fall into the trap of the people behind the curtain, do you really think I'm afraid of you?"

                "Want to kill me? Just you?"

                The prince laughed wildly, "Lin Mo, you really don't know how high the sky is!"

                "Hmph, since you are determined to die, then I will fulfill you!"

                "Kill me!"

                The prince waved his hand, and the two bodyguards beside him immediately rushed up and came straight at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo quickly pulled Song Zhilan away and rushed up to fight with these two bodyguards.

                It had to be said that these two bodyguards of the Crown Prince were really not ordinary in strength.

                Both of them were very strong and, moreover, extremely good at the art of combined attacks.

                When the two fought together against the enemy, they worked extremely well together and were able to raise their strength by a level.

                At first, for that moment, Lin Mo was completely suppressed by these two, and even had his Qi and blood churning in his body after being punched a few times.

                However, as Lin Mo became more and more familiar with the two men's routines, he gradually pulled back the situation.

                After fighting for a while, Lin Mo instead began to gradually gain the upper hand, and these two men, were beaten back by him.

                All the people around looked dumbfounded, even the Crown Prince was wide-eyed.

                These were two of the Poison Spider's bodyguards, and their strength was terrifying.

                He had originally thought that it would be as easy as a snap for these two men to kill Lin Mo.

                Who would have thought that these two together would not be a match for Lin Mo.

                He couldn't help but look at Lin Mo one more time, and he realised that he had underestimated Lin Mo.

                The fight went on for some more time before Lin Mo seized the opportunity and struck one of the bodyguards with a Wing Chun Inch Fist to the chest.

                The bodyguard let out a muffled grunt and retreated a few steps straight back, a trace of blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth.

                He was badly hurt by this punch!

                Lin Mo stood with his head held high and said in a cold voice, "Crown Prince, there is no point in fighting any longer!"

                "I'll take these two away first, and whatever happens, later, I'll definitely give you an account, how's that?"

                The prince spat, "You're fucking dreaming!"

                "Today, unless I die!"

                "Otherwise, you won't be able to take them away!"

                After saying that, the Crown Prince also rushed up and attacked Lin Mo with all his might.

                Lin Mo frowned as he fended off several attacks from the Crown Prince and said in a deep voice, "Crown Prince, you are no match for me."

                "A word of advice, don't fight anymore ......"

                The prince gritted his teeth and did not say anything, and his strikes were even more frantic.

                At this moment, the two bodyguards also rushed up, as well as the Prince's other men, all of whom also ran over and surrounded Lin Mo alone.

                When Lin Mo saw this, his face also turned cold.

                These people were clearly trying to fight him to the death!

                Without any nonsense, he struck out with all his might, and in the end, he injured all of these people.

                Including the Crown Prince, who was also knocked to the ground by Lin Mo, before this battle was stopped!