Medical Genius Chapter 1173

 Hearing the Prince's words, Lin Mo was speechless for a while.

                This man, he was simply a bit morbid, and he didn't know how the poisonous spiders had raised him into this kind of personality.

                Unable to convince the Crown Prince, Lin Mo was too lazy to talk nonsense to him.

                Lin Mo directly took Xu Hanxia back to Wangjiang Garden, and then contacted Xu Jiankong Fang Hui.

                When Xu Jiangong Fang Hui learnt that Xu Hanxia had returned safely, they were all overjoyed and breathed a long sigh of relief.

                However, when they saw Xu Dongxue, they both jumped into a rage and rebuked Xu Dongxue angrily.

                In the end, it was Lin Mo who helped Xu Dongxue with a few words before they realised what Xu Dongxue had actually done.

                The family hugged and cried together, and the previous divide was finally removed.

                On Lin Mo's side, this time, he also knew that this person behind the curtain was not simple.

                Therefore, Lin Mo had to solve this matter in a hurry. Otherwise, he didn't know what other crises his loved ones would suffer!

                He contacted those four clans once more to continue discussing the matter of swallowing the Ten Families.

                The four of them, Fang Wu De, were all surprised to learn that Lin Mo had escaped from the Crown Prince's hands in one piece.

                This time, the people also had more confidence in Lin Mo.

                They also all began to prepare for the matter of helping Lin Mo to take control of the entire Ten Great Families' power!

                Two o'clock in the morning.

                On the outskirts of Guangyang City, the manor where Compass Zun lived.

                Compose Zun was drinking while looking at the masked man prostrate on his knees in front of him, his face filled with disdain.

                "This is your plan?"

                "Using the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng to kill Lin Mo?"

                "Heh, you really underestimated Lin Mo and overestimated yourself."

                "Poison Spider, is it that easy to be used?"

                The compulsion zun said in a cold voice.

                There was indignation in the masked man's eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, "Lord Compulsion, it's not over yet."

                "Our plan, too, has only just begun."

                The Compass Venerable waved his hand, "I don't care what exactly your plans are."

                "However, Nanba Tian will be back in two more days."

                "Before that, my matter, must be done."

                "If my matter fails, then everything you have done will also end in failure, understand?"

                The masked man nodded vigorously, "My subordinate understands!"

                The Companions waved his hand, "Go."

                "Don't let me down!"

                The masked man respectfully retreated.

                Not long after, a few more people walked in at the door, the leader of which was the Left Protector Lin Mo had met earlier.

                Protector Zuo walked up to Compass Venerable and said in a low voice, "Lord Compass Venerable, we've checked it out."

                "That Barbarian, is hidden inside the Wangjiang Garden by Lin Mo."

                "What do you say, should we go into the Wangjiang Garden and capture her out?"

                Zun Zong frowned slightly and was silent for a long time before slowly shaking his head, "Wangjiang Garden, it's better not to enter."

                "While you're here, try not to provoke Nanba Tian."

                "Otherwise, once he gets angry, it will only affect our plans!"

                "Think of a way to lure her out!"

                Protector Zuo nodded, "I've found out that there's a Dean Chen in Guangyang City, and he was the one who took Barbara in at that time."

                "These two, husband and wife, are like parents and relatives to Ah Barbara."

                "If we capture these two people, Ah Man will definitely come out!"

                The Companions nodded in satisfaction, "Then do so."

                Protector Zuo received his orders and immediately led his men out to do something.

                However, just as he reached the exit position, a person suddenly rushed straight in.

                This person was none other than Night Charm!

                When Protector Zuo saw her, his face changed rapidly and he immediately reached out to stop her.

                However, Night Mimi had already shouted, "Lord Compass, Lord Compass!"

                "I am Night Mimic! I demand to see Lord Compassion!"

                "Lord Compass, do you know who actually killed my master!"