Medical Genius Chapter 1171

 Lin Mo gritted his teeth and didn't say a word as he reached in again, this time taking a ten of hearts!

                In this way, Lin Mo made a straight flush of Hearts.

                "Tsk tsk ......" The Crown Prince shook his head slightly, "Lin Mo, I've warned you, but you really don't listen to advice."

                "Sorry about that, this hand, I'm afraid you're going to lose!"

                The prince reached into the glass case and peeled the vipers away, looking for the ten of spades.

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he watched the crown prince rummage around.

                After searching for a long time, the prince's face changed because, he couldn't find the 10 of spades.

                "Looking for the 10 of spades?" Lin Mo finally spoke, "Sorry, I seem to have accidentally taken out the 10 of spades just now."

                "What!?" The prince's face changed and he raised his eyes to see that Lin Mo was holding, at some point, an extra 10 of spades.

                "You ...... how did you do that?" The prince exclaimed in shock.

                "I took this 10 out when I first played." Lin Mo said softly, "Otherwise, would I have spent so long in it?"

                The prince's face instantly turned iron blue, he prided himself on having everything under control.

                Who would have thought that he would fall in Lin Mo's hands.

                Lin Mo had set a trap for him at the very beginning.

                Lin Mo took the 10 of spades, but deliberately took the flush of hearts to make the Prince feel that he had everything under control.

                In fact, as soon as the Prince started to take the spade flush, he had lost.

                After a long silence, the Prince suddenly threw back his head and laughed: "Interesting, interesting, really interesting!"

                "Lin Mo, you really haven't let me down!"

                "This time it's my loss, but the matter between you and me is not over yet!"

                "You can go save your wife now, she's in that room at the end."

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, and quickly rushed towards the innermost room.

                Passing through the long corridor, Lin Mo arrived at the door of this room.

                The door was tightly closed, so he kicked it and rushed in.

                The room was a mess, with blood stains all over the floor.

                Lin Mo glanced into the bedroom, Xu Hanxia was still lying on the bed, as if she was in a coma.

                He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief and hurriedly ran over.

                He was just about to pick Xu Hanxia up when a soft sound suddenly came from the bathroom.

                Lin Mo immediately rushed over and opened the door of the washroom, finding two people fallen in a pool of blood.

                One, was none other than Xu Hanxia's sister, Xu Dongxue.

                She was dying with wounds all over her body, several holes broken in her head, and a dozen cuts on her face.

                Even so, she was still holding on to the man who had fallen next to the bathtub with a deadly grip.

                The man was none other than Huang Liang, who had few wounds on his body, but had a fruit knife sticking out of his neck and blood pouring out.

                He was holding a piece of glass in his hand and was still stabbing Xu Dongxue's arm one by one. However, because of the loss of blood, he did not have much strength left either.

                These two people had been in a fight to the death.

                When Huang Liang was planning to kill Xu Hanxia, Xu Dongxue finally found her conscience.

                She tried desperately to stop it, and as a result, Huang Liang intended to kill her along with him before insulting Xu Hanxia.

                Xu Dongxue was still a woman and was no match for Huang Liang, so she was severely injured.

                In the back, Huang Liang was so desperate that he dragged her to the bathroom, where he intended to cut her neck.

                Xu Dongxue, in a panic, grabbed a fruit knife and stabbed Huang Liang's neck, which led to the current result.

                Lin Mo saw this scene, although he did not know exactly what had happened. However, he also knew that it must have been Xu Dongxue who had saved Xu Hanxia.

                Otherwise, Xu Hanxia would definitely be in a bad way now!

                Although he was very displeased with Xu Dongxue, at the critical moment, Xu Hanxia, his sister, had done what a real sister should do!