Medical Genius Chapter 1170

 Lin Mo took a deep breath and slowly reached his hand into the glass case.

                His movements weren't fast, but they were steady.

                It didn't take long for him to choose an ace of hearts that was closer to the outside!

                Seeing this scene, the Crown Prince could not help but smile.

                He knew that from this moment on, Lin Mo had already lost.

                "It's my turn!"

                He smiled and looked at the few girls next to him, "A few dear sisters, which one of you is willing to fetch a card out for me?"

                The girls almost cried in fear, all of them desperately shaking their heads.

                The prince looked dissatisfied, "Several sisters, you said at that time that you loved me very much and were willing to go to the sword and the fire for me!"

                "Now you're just asking you guys to hold a card for me, and this is not even willing?"

                "Tsk, this woman changes her mind so quickly!"

                "No, since you said you loved me, you have to pay for love!"

                "Here, you take one for me!"

                He ordered one of the girls directly.

                The girl was shivering with fear and hurriedly said, "Brother Prince, Brother Prince, please spare me ......"

                "I ...... am from the Guangyang Li family, you ...... please spare my life for the sake of our Li family ......"

                The prince walked up, grabbed her by the hair and pressed her head against the hole.

                "I don't care about your Li family or Wang family, I'm too lazy to listen to this nonsense!"

                "Either reach in and get me a card or, I'll put your face in this hole and make you die a horrible death!"

                The girl screamed and begged, falling to her knees, "Brother Prince, spare me, do whatever you want me to do, spare me, I ...... I'll do anything for you ah ......"

                "Anything you can do for me, then get a card for me!" The prince laughed.

                The girl pleaded, "Brother Prince, I ...... wouldn't dare, except for this matter, anything else is fine ......"

                "Then you're not fucking lying to me!" The prince was furious, grabbing the girl's hair, he pressed her towards that hole.

                Just then, Lin Mo suddenly shot out his hand and pulled the prince's hand away.

                "What are you doing?" The prince said in a deep voice.

                Lin Mo's expression was icy: "You came up with the game, you set the rules, and as a result, you yourself don't follow the rules, what does that mean?"

                "Crown Prince, if you can't afford to play, then don't play."

                "What did you say!" Several people behind the prince roared in anger.

                The prince raised his hand to stop these people and said with a faint smile, "You're right, I made the rules myself, I must abide by them myself."

                "It's my fault, I should be the one to catch the cards!"

                With those words, the Crown Prince suddenly slammed the girl's head against the corner of the table next to him.

                The girl fell straight to the floor, bleeding down her head, and it looked like there was little hope of surviving.

                "You ......" Lin Mo was annoyed, he had wanted to save this girl's life.

                Unexpectedly, this prince, was so cruel.

                "The gibberish is so distracting, you don't even have a gaming experience!" The prince wiped his hands and laughed, "A little hiccup, I've made you laugh. Okay, it's my turn!"

                The prince reached into the glass case, wandered around inside for a moment and took an ace out as well, but it was of spades.

                On the face of the card, the ace of spades, was a little bigger than the ace of hearts.

                Lin Mo was paying more attention to the Prince's manoeuvres; he wasn't slowing down, and those poisonous snakes weren't biting him.

                This showed that the Prince should have something in his hand to smoke the snakes.

                Then, Lin Mo reached in again.

                This time, he took out a king of hearts!

                The prince smiled faintly and followed suit, taking out a king of spades!

                The two continued, and when Lin Mo played the q of hearts, the Prince played the q of spades.

                Lin Mo had the jack of hearts, and the Prince had the jack of spades!

                When the last card was dealt, the Crown Prince laughed, "Lin Mo, a word of warning, it's the right time to break my card."

                "Otherwise, we'd both have a flush, and the spades would be bigger than the hearts!"