Medical Genius Chapter 1169

 As she spoke, the woman stopped convulsing and lay on the cold floor, her body blue.

                To her dying day, she couldn't understand why she had ended up in this situation when she had done everything in her power to entertain this young and beautiful man!

                "All right, carry it out and throw it away." The prince waved his hand as if he was throwing away a piece of rubbish.

                A few people ran over next to him and carried the woman straight out.

                The prince sat down again, and the women were all shivering at the moment, curled up on the side of the sofa.

                "Why are you hiding so far away? Come and play cards with me!" The prince bellowed angrily.

                The women were scared to death, but they dared not disobey, so they could only tremble and walk to the Prince's side.

                At this moment, these women no longer had the same springiness as before, but only endless panic.

                They didn't know if the Crown Prince would take their lives at any moment!

                Lin Mo frowned, this crown prince, what a pervert!

                "Doesn't it say Texas Hold'em?"

                "What does that mean?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                The prince waved his hand with a faint smile, and the evil youth walked over directly with a pack of cards.

                The prince unwrapped the cards and casually tossed them to Lin Mo: "Check it out?"

                Lin Mo threw the cards back and shook his head, "There's no need for an examination."

                "If the crown prince tampered with such things, then you wouldn't be the crown prince!"

                The crown prince tilted his head and smiled, "You know me quite well."

                "I've grown to appreciate you!"

                He unwrapped the deck of cards, and then, in front of Lin Mo, threw all the cards into that glass box.

                Lin Mo's face changed slightly as he vaguely guessed how the Crown Prince was going to play.

                "Ordinary Texas Hold'em, there's no point."

                "Let's play something interesting."

                "The cards are in here, let's each take out five cards from it, make a deck, and then compare sizes."

                "If you win, I'll help you save your wife."

                "If you lose, oh, sorry, I won't be able to help you!"

                The prince said slowly.

                Lin Mo's expression was calm, he was invulnerable to all poisons, so how could he care about these poisonous snakes?

                However, the crown prince spoke again, "Oh yes, I almost forgot, you are a divine doctor yourself."

                "I reckon that you should have a way to cure the poison in advance."

                "To be fair, I will give you a heart-clearing pill."

                "This is personally prepared by Lu Sanzhen, the divine doctor of Hai Cheng, and it will render all your antidotes useless in a short period of time."

                "This way, if a poisonous snake bites you, you won't survive."

                "How about it, do you dare to eat it?"

                Lin Mo's face changed, he didn't expect that the Crown Prince had even made such preparations.

                The Clear Heart Pill, he had heard of it, it belonged to a relatively ordinary kind of pills.

                However, the effect of this kind of pill was that it could make other pills lose their effect within a short period of time.

                This kind of medicine was originally used to restrain the kind of situation where the medicinal properties clashed with each other.

                However, when used here, it was indeed able to restrain Lin Mo's hundred poisons!

                Looking at the prince's teasing expression, Lin Mo took a deep breath and slowly nodded, "What dare I!"

                The crown prince laughed out loud, "Good!"

                "This game, it's become even more interesting."

                "Hahahaha, it's too much fun!"

                The prince threw an elixir to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo sniffed it for a moment, and it was indeed an ordinary Heart Clearing Pill.

                He didn't have any hesitation and swallowed the Heart Clearing Pill straight away.

                "Now, can we begin?"

                Seeing Lin Mo eat so crisply, the Crown Prince even had an admiring look on his face.

                "Lin Mo, no matter whether you win or lose this time, you have earned my respect!"

                The crown prince said aloud.

                Lin Mo didn't have any expression on his face, he didn't bother to say one more word of nonsense to this pervert.

                "Who will start first?"

                The prince smiled, "Since you're a guest, you'll start first."