Medical Genius Chapter 1168

 Four strong men, carrying a table, came over.

                On top of this table, there was a layer of cloth covering it, so it was impossible to see clearly what was inside.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, this prince was going out and bringing a huge card table of his own?

                The prince walked over to the table and said with a smile, "This is my favourite pair of toys, but there aren't many people who can play with me."

                "Lin Mo, I hope you won't let me down!"

                After saying this, the Crown Prince suddenly lifted the tablecloth on top, revealing the full view of the table inside.

                It was a case made of fully transparent glass.

                At the bottom of this chest, a layer of fine sand was laid down, and there were also some grass and trees and the like.

                It looked as if it was an ingeniously crafted landscape box.

                However, among the grass and trees, there were some strange looking venomous snakes coiled up.

                There were rattlesnakes with their bodies coiled, bamboo leaf green snakes hiding in the grass, cobras with their upper bodies raised, and some other poisonous snakes that could not be named.

                Looking closely, there were about a dozen of these vicious venomous snakes inside this huge glass box.

                Each venomous snake, deadly, was very terrifying.

                When those girls around saw such a situation, they all let out screams of fright and backed away, their faces bloodless.

                Such slender creatures were slippery and unforgiving, and there was always a feeling of terror when looking at them.

                The Prince, however, was looking at these venomous snakes with excitement, as if he was looking at his beloved toy.

                "These are some little things I raised myself, how's that for cute?"

                The crown prince said with a smile, suddenly grabbing a woman next to him and pulling her over to the table.

                "Brother Prince, what are you ...... doing ......" the woman's voice was shivering.

                "Good boy, it's okay!" The prince smiled faintly and suddenly pressed the woman's hand into the box.

                "Ah!" The woman let out a scream and struggled desperately.

                This seemed to have angered the poisonous snakes inside, and immediately several of them opened their mouths and bit into the woman's white, jade-like hand.

                The woman screamed and struggled desperately.

                The prince flung her aside to the ground and laughed, "These, all of them, are very poisonous cuties."

                "After you bite them, you'll be dead in less than ten minutes!"

                The woman sat limply on the ground, her white hands, now beginning to turn blue.

                Moreover, the bruising was spreading up her arm at an extremely fast rate.

                "Save me, save me ......" the woman pleaded in a trembling voice.

                The prince simply ignored her, still smiling as he explained, "This way of dying is actually not much painful. "

                "You guys don't look at her like this, she's just scared, it's not painful!"

                Said the crown prince, and bent down to hold the woman's face, "How about that, it's not uncomfortable, is it?"

                The woman trembled, "Brother Prince, save ...... save me ......"

                "You can make me do anything, save ...... save me ......"

                The prince said angrily, "I asked you to answer whether it was painful or not, what nonsense are you talking to me?"

                "Say, is it painful?"

                The woman cringed and said in a trembling voice, "No ...... no pain ......"

                "That's right!" The prince rose with a smile, "How about it, I'm not lying, it's indeed not painful!"

                Lin Mo looked at it intolerantly and said softly, "Prince, let's play cards, what's wrong with a dead person here?"

                "Why don't you just get rid of her poison first!"

                The prince immediately nodded, "You're right, we need to have fun when we play cards, it's indeed not fun to have a corpse next to us."

                "When she dies later, throw her out, don't leave her here to affect the mood!"

                "You ......" Lin Mo was a little angry, this prince was really a madman, didn't he take human life seriously at all?

                And at that moment, the woman suddenly spat out a bunch of white foam and convulsed all over.

                The prince immediately shouted, "Soon, soon, soon, soon, soon ......"

                "Look at the time, yo, it's not even five minutes."

                "Girl, you can't do this physically."

                "I remember the strongest one before, lasted almost ten minutes!"