Medical Genius Chapter 1167

 The prince's strike was extremely quick, and very sudden.

                Lin Mo had no time to think, and could only raise his right arm to block that table away.

                However, the Crown Prince had already rushed in front of him at that moment and punched him directly in the chest.

                Lin Mo's body sank slightly and quickly blocked the blow. And the Prince's shoulder came crashing over again, extremely fast and fierce.

                Lin Mo took a half step back to avoid the blow.

                The Prince took advantage of the momentum and attacked Lin Mo with his fists, kicks, elbows and knees, instantly throwing a dozen moves at him.

                Lin Mo deflected them one by one and finally clashed with the prince, knocking him back three steps.

                The crown prince's face swelled red as he looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes and an incredulous expression on his face.

                He thought that if he wanted to kill Lin Mo, it would just be as easy as a hand.

                Unexpectedly, he had even suffered a secret loss in this encounter.

                On Lin Mo's side, he was also shocked for a moment.

                At such an age, to have such strength, this prince was really something!

                The prince took a deep breath and suddenly threw back his head and laughed wildly, "Interesting, interesting, really interesting!"

                "Hahahaha, I originally thought that you were just a useless waste."

                "I never thought that you would be able to last so many moves under my hand."

                "Lin Mo, right? I admire you!"

                Lin Mo had a bewildered look on his face.

                Just then, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

                Lin Mo picked it up and Xu Dongxue's heart-breaking scream came out, "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, where are you?"

                "Come and save my sister!"

                "Huang Liang is crazy, he wants to kill my sister, he wants to rape her before he kills her, come quickly ......"

                Before the words were finished, a loud bang suddenly came from over there. Immediately after, the phone was hung up.

                Lin Mo's face changed sharply as he immediately said, "Prince, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you!"

                "Where's my wife?"

                The prince also heard the voice on the phone, and as if he thought of something, he once again tilted his head and smiled, "So you're here to save your wife, huh?"

                "Ouch, why do I suddenly find that this game is even more interesting!"

                "Guess where your wife is?"

                Lin Mo said angrily, "Prince, I have no grudge against you, nor do I want to have a grudge against you!"

                "This matter, it is clear that someone wants to use your hand to deal with me."

                "Don't you be used!"

                The prince laughed: "It doesn't matter if I'm being used or not, as long as it's fun."

                "Tell you what, let's play a game. If you win, I'll tell you, how about that?"

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "I don't have time to talk nonsense with you!"

                "Either you tell me directly, or, don't blame me for not being polite!"

                When the prince saw Lin Mo's appearance, he couldn't help but laugh again, "What, you still want to be ruthless with me?"

                "Tsk, I'm afraid you won't be able to!"

                As he spoke, those two bodyguards, slowly walked over and stood beside the Crown Prince, one left and one right.

                Lin Mo immediately frowned when he saw the appearance of these two men.

                These two had long breaths, and at a glance, they were internal masters.

                With Lin Mo's current strength, it was probably not an easy task to defeat these two.

                The prince said slowly, "Lin Mo, I know what you're thinking."

                "Wanting to defeat the two of them and then come and force me to ask questions, right?"

                "Hahahaha, I advise you not to think about it."

                "These two people, once were the heads of two hundred year old families, and their strength was definitely ranked in the top five in Guang Province."

                "You can fight them both by yourself, not to mention whether you can beat them or not. Even if you could win, how long would it take you?"

                "By the time you win, your wife, probably, will already be dead."

                "Why don't you just do it and play a game with me. Wouldn't it be better if you could soon tell the winner from the loser?"

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and nodded through clenched teeth, "Okay, how can I play?"

                The prince was overjoyed, "It's simple, Texas Hold'em."

                "Someone, send my cards over here!"