Medical Genius Chapter 1164

 Eleven o'clock at night, the suburban Qing Yun Clubhouse.

                This clubhouse, in the whole of Guangyang City, is considered to be of high repute and is a place where many big shots like to come.

                On the top floor of the Qing Yun Clubhouse, this was the highest-end private room in the entire Qing Yun Clubhouse.

                On weekdays, only the heads of the ten families were qualified to come to the top floor.

                And now, this top floor had been chartered by a person, and that person was the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng!

                Not only that, after the Crown Prince arrived at the Green Cloud Club, he also directly drove away all the guests in the Green Cloud Club.

                However, those who were driven away did not complain a word.

                The people knew the Crown Prince's status, and no one dared to argue with him at all.

                At this moment, in the spacious hall on the top floor, the Crown Prince was sitting alone on a sofa, with three people standing next to him.

                Among them were two old men who looked almost identical, bodyguards of the poisonous spiders, whose strength was terrifying to the extreme.

                The other was a somewhat evil young man who bent slightly and whispered, "Brother Prince, those three people, do they really want to stay?"

                "These people, they clearly want to use us to deal with that Lin Mo, we can't be used by them!"

                The prince glanced at him, "From the very beginning, they wanted to use me to deal with Lin Mo, do you still need to say that?"

                "When I came to Guangyang City this time, killing Lin Mo was only a secondary goal. The real goal is to find the person behind all this."

                "I want to know just who is so bold as to dare to get their hands on me!"

                "Leave these three behind, first take care of that Lin Mo, and then, follow the vine to find this person behind the scenes."

                "Since I'm here in Guangyang City, I'll simply turn the place upside down!"

                The evil youth sighed lowly, the Prince's character of this mixed-up devil would never change anywhere.

                At the same time, in the innermost room on the top floor, Xu Hanxia was alone and unconscious on the bed.

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang sat next to her, both of them now also full of panic.

                "Honey, aren't we making a bit too much of a mess this time?"

                "How did we ...... kidnap Sis?"

                "If mum and dad call the police, then ...... that ...... would be the end of us both."

                "How about ...... how about we send Sis back?"

                Xu Dongxue whispered, she was really scared.

                She only thought it was to deal with Lin Mo before, but now it actually involved Xu Hanxia.

                Although she was very unhappy with Xu Hanxia in her heart, but this was her own sister after all, she was still a bit intolerant.

                Huang Liang was gritting his teeth, "At this point, do you think we have a way out?"

                "Even if we let her go, Mom and Dad won't let us go back!"

                "We might as well take this opportunity to kill that Lin Mo first, and then work with that person to swallow the family fortune."

                "By then, with the family fortune in our hands, I don't believe that anyone will be able to do anything to us!"

                Xu Dongxue hesitated for a moment and whispered, "But, husband, what will they ...... do to my sister?"

                "This is my sister after all, if anything happens to her, how ...... am I going to explain to my parents?"

                Huang Liang glared at her, "What else are you going to explain ah?"

                "It's already this time, can't you see?"

                "Mom and Dad don't treat us like family at all."

                "Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia live in Wangjiang Garden, and Mom and Dad live in Shengshi Mansion, but where are we?"

                "Living at a snail's pace in that shabby old house, this is your mum and dad, your own sister?"

                Xu Dongxue lowered her head and did not speak, during this time, what her parents had done had made her heart really hard.

                After a long silence, Xu Dongxue said in a low voice, "No matter what, anyway, I have to keep my sister!"

                Huang Liang was just about to speak when, at that moment, the man behind the curtain called again, "One last thing when!"

                "Kill Xu Hanxia, the Xu family's estate, it's yours!"