Medical Genius Chapter 1163

 Although the Crown Prince had arrived in Guangyang City, he had not entered the city, but was staying inside a private club on the outskirts of the city.

                Now at this time, the crown prince suddenly entered the city, what was he trying to do?

                Lin Mo frowned, could it be that there was some connection between the Crown Prince entering the city and Xu Hanxia being kidnapped?

                Thinking for a moment, he waved his hand, "Send someone to keep an eye on it."

                "But don't get into a head-on confrontation."

                "I just need to know who he went into the city to meet and what he did."

                Lao Hu nodded and immediately arranged for his men to keep an eye on him.

                On Lin Mo's side, he continued to send people to look for Xu Hanxia, which was the most important thing to him.

                However, there had been no progress in the search for Xu Hanxia.

                After more than three hours of work, the men sent by the tiger to keep an eye on him came back first, because the crown prince had gone back to the suburban clubhouse.

                These people had recorded all the things that the Crown Prince had done and the people he had met since he had entered the city.

                Lin Mo looked through them and found that after the Crown Prince entered the city, he just had a meal and then went around to the biggest nightclub in Guangyang City.

                During this period, there were a few people from the Ten Great Families who wanted to see him, but the Crown Prince simply ignored them and did not give these people any face at all.

                However, when the Crown Prince was at the nightclub, there were a few girls who went over to hit on him.

                When he went back to the suburban clubhouse at night, he was bringing these few girls along with him.

                This situation made Lin Mo somewhat puzzled.

                What exactly was the prince doing in Guangyang City this time?

                Shouldn't he have come to find himself directly?

                However, how come he looked as if he had come for a holiday?

                In the midst of the confusion, a shocking news came: Xu Dongxue's mobile phone had finally been switched on!

                During this period of time, Xu Dongxue's mobile phone had been switched off, and even the battery was keyed up.

                Therefore, it was completely impossible for Lin Mo and the others to locate Xu Dongxue through her mobile phone.

                Now that Xu Dongxue's phone was on, the crowd could at least search for Xu Dongxue.

                Tiger had long since mobilized high tech personnel, and these people quickly locked in Xu Dongxue's location through mobile phone positioning.

                When he saw the location, Lin Mo's eyebrows immediately tightened up.

                This was because the location locked in happened to be at the clubhouse where the Crown Prince was staying!

                Tiger's face changed sharply as he said in a deep voice, "How could they be in this clubhouse?"

                "Could it be that it was the Crown Prince who had Xu Dongxue take General Xu captive?"

                Lin Mo didn't speak, he was still thinking about this matter.

                When he had gone to Haicheng last night, he had specifically asked Chen Shengyuan to prepare information about the Crown Prince for him.

                He had studied this Crown Prince's style of doing things.

                The Crown Prince was arrogant and conceited and, moreover, had an extremely strong sense of self-esteem.

                He liked challenges and liked the kind of things that were particularly exciting.

                This kind of person simply did not care to do that kind of despicable and shameless things.

                Lin Mo felt that the Crown Prince would not take Xu Hanxia captive, it was not in line with his style of doing things.

                Therefore, Lin Mo's first thought was that this must be that person behind the scenes manipulating everything again.

                The crown prince had been in Guangyang City for so long and had never come to Lin Mo.

                The person behind the curtain really couldn't stand it anymore, so that's why he grabbed Xu Hanxia and sent her to the crown prince, forcing Lin Mo to go head to head with the crown prince.

                Honestly, Lin Mo was really unwilling to go head-to-head with the Crown Prince.

                However, now that Xu Hanxia had been sent to the Crown Prince, he had to make the trip no matter what.

                He stood up and said in a deep voice, "Make arrangements, I'll go to this clubhouse!"

                Lao Hu immediately said, "Brother Lin, how many people do I arrange?"

                "Are we going to kill them directly, or are we going to sneak in ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "No need to go to such trouble, send someone to deliver the invitation, I'm going to visit the Crown Prince!"

                Tiger froze: "Pay a ...... visit?"

                "Brother Lin, you're not kidding, right?"

                "Just go over there in a straightforward manner like this?"