Medical Genius Chapter 1160

 The burly man immediately took care of the scene.

                The underlings brought up breakfast, a plate of steak that still had blood on it.

                The poisonous spider laughed as he ate the bloody steak, "Shao'er, who did you bring back last night?"

                "I see you guys had a pretty late night!"

                The Prince looked impatient, "A greedy bitch, not worth mentioning."

                "Mum, I'm off first!"

                Prince got up to leave, and the poisonous spider just smiled faintly.

                After the burly man finished with Yong's corpse, he walked over to Poison Spider and whispered, "When Yun Shao brought it back last night, I took a look."

                "That woman, she's from the He family in Hai Cheng, this ......"

                "Then just deal with it!" The poisonous spider waved his hand impatiently, "This kind of thing, do I need to teach you?"

                The burly man was startled and hurriedly said, "I know how to deal with it."

                He walked upstairs, opened the room and found a young girl lying on the bed.

                The young girl's hands and feet were bound, her body was covered in bruises, her breath was dying, her eyes were lax, and she was badly traumatised.

                Seeing someone enter, the young girl immediately issued a plea, "Save me, save me ......"

                The burly man sighed helplessly, walked over and grabbed the young girl's neck and twisted it hard ......

                In the morning, Lin Mo took Xiao Wu back to Guangyang City.

                The first time he ran to look for Xu Dongxue, but as a result, Xu Dongxue Huang Liang was not at home.

                Even, these two people's mobile phones were turned off.

                Lin Mo was furious and immediately instructed Tiger to find these two people.

                However, he did not tell Xu Hanxia about this matter in order not to make her sad.

                He wanted to investigate the matter completely before deciding what to do with these two people.

                As a result, the tiger sent out a large number of men, but failed to find these two people at all.

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang, as if they had suddenly evaporated into thin air, could not be found at all.

                Lin Mo knew that the person behind this was definitely behind it again.

                He immediately contacted Tiger and asked him to send a large number of men to protect Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi.

                As for Lin Mo himself, he contacted the four clans and prepared to start a counterattack.

                He knew that the person behind it must be one of the ten clans.

                He couldn't figure out exactly who it was now, and the only way to do so was to swallow the entire Ten Families whole.

                Just as Lin Mo was making plans with these four families, news suddenly arrived: the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng had entered Guangyang City!

                When the four of them, Fang Wu De, learned of this news, their faces all changed.

                One must know that now that Nanba Tian was not in Guangyang City, Guangyang City was unguarded.

                Under such circumstances, the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng had killed his way into Guangyang City, who else could stop him?

                The Crown Prince of Haicheng was raging, and was clearly heading for Lin Mo.

                This time, it was hard to say whether Lin Mo would be able to defuse this crisis!

                Seeing the four people's expressions, Lin Mo naturally knew what was going through their minds.

                He knew that there was no point in saying anything more to the four at this time.

                If he couldn't solve the Prince's matter, then no one would dare to do anything for him!

                He slowly stood up and said in a deep voice, "The matter of the ten great families will be discussed next!"

                "Today, I will settle the matter of the Crown Prince first!"

                As Lin Mo turned to leave, Zhou Qingwu was somewhat intolerant and whispered, "Mr. Lin, why don't you take refuge first?"

                "When Master Tian returns, everything will be negotiable!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Although Master Tian is not here, he should know what has happened in Guangyang City."

                "He didn't say anything, just to let me deal with this matter myself!"

                "If I can't solve this matter, then what qualifications do I have to take down the Ten Families?"

                After saying that, Lin Mo left straight away.

                The four people in the room looked at each other, and after a long time, Fang Wude said in a low voice, "If Mr. Lin can defeat the Crown Prince, then his future achievements will be unlimited!"

                The other three nodded slowly as well, all of them with anticipation in their eyes, hoping that this time Lin Mo could create a miracle!