Medical Genius Chapter 1158

 Facing this blow from Brother Yong, Lin Mo did not dodge or evade and punched hard.

                This punch struck Brother Yong right on the bottom of his foot.

                Brother Yong was knocked back several steps, and this leg was almost ruined.

                He stood firm and looked at Lin Mo with a little more scorn.

                "I didn't expect that to be a practitioner!"

                "Hmph, I still like to play with you practitioners!"

                After saying that, Brother Yong rushed up once again, his fists coming out in unison, constantly attacking towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this Brother Yong was still somewhat capable.

                This bit of strength was a bit stronger than the Wu Chaoyang he had met before.

                However, for the current Lin Mo, this point of strength was still too weak.

                Within three moves, Lin Mo had knocked Brother Yong to the ground.

                He also didn't say anything, and in front of Brother Yong, he threw all those people who had beaten Xiao Wu earlier out of the window.

                All these people who had bullied his brothers had to die!

                After that, he picked up Little Five on his back and left this nightclub straight away.

                This was Sea City after all, and the purpose of his visit was to save people, he didn't want to get into too much conflict with the Prince of Sea City yet!

                After Lin Mo left, Brother Yong stood up with the help of a group of people.

                One of the men next to him came over and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Yong, what should we do now?"

                "Why don't we call the Crown Prince?"

                Brother Yong was in a fit of rage, and threw a slap directly at his face.

                "You're fucking looking for death, aren't you?"

                "Calling the Crown Prince at this hour, are you tired of living?"

                "What time is it, the Prince is getting high, how dare you affect the Prince's mood?"

                The man was trembling with fear, lowering his head and not daring to speak.

                Everyone knew very well that no one could disturb the Crown Prince when he was getting high.

                No matter what happened, if you affected the Prince's mood, you would have to die!

                So, Brother Yong waited until the next morning before he arrived at the Prince's villa on the outskirts of the city.

                At the entrance to the master bedroom on the ground floor, the floor was a mess, with several pieces of clothes thrown about in a disorderly manner.

                There were men's and women's, as well as a pair of crimson sultry high heels.

                The bedroom door was left open.

                Inside, on the edge of the bed, there was a stout, handsome looking man sitting at the moment.

                The man was probably in his thirties and was visually striking with his muscular body.

                Wearing only a pair of shorts to cover his body, the man was sitting on the edge of the bed, smoking a cigarette.

                And there was a woman with a stunningly beautiful torso lying on her back on the large, spacious bed.

                Her face could not be seen, but her snow-white back and long legs, which were exposed, were flawless, killing countless actresses known for their beauty.

                Above the woman's left foot, there was also a red rope tied.

                On top of the red rope was a worn brass bell, which looked a little out of place against the woman's white, snow-like skin.

                However, it was such an ornament that added to the woman's mysterious allure.

                Yong swept a glance at it and immediately lowered his head, not daring to look, his heart puffing.

                He arrived at the first floor bedroom and found the door still closed.

                He didn't dare knock either, so he could only run to the ground floor and wait.

                Not long afterwards, the door to the ground floor master bedroom opened.

                The stout man came out in his pyjamas, and the door of the room was wide open so that the people in the living room could see everything in the bedroom clearly.

                Yong sat in the living room, pretending to keep his head down, but quietly looking at the woman in the bed inside the room.

                Not long afterwards, the woman who had been lying on her back but slowly sat up and stretched out a lazy lazy back.

                The first rays of the morning shone on her stunningly beautiful body, as if it were the most outstanding work of art in the heavens.

                Just one look at it was mind-blowing.

                Even though Yong had played with countless women, at this moment his mouth was still dry and his heart was racing.

                The woman got up, casually picked up a light veil and draped it over her body, landed on her bare feet and walked over to the sofa and sat down.