Medical Genius Chapter 1156

 The long-haired young man's leg bone was broken and he was already in unbearable pain.

                Now that Lin Mo had stepped on the broken bone, he was even more shivering with pain and almost did not faint.

                He slumped to the ground and hissed frantically, "You're dead! You're dead!"

                "This is the Crown Prince's venue, if you come in and cause trouble, the Crown Prince will definitely know about it."

                "His men will be here soon, I won't let you go!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he grabbed him by the neck and lifted his entire body up.

                Then, Lin Mo pulled him to the window, grabbed the stool next to him and slammed it on that glass.

                The toughened glass was smashed by Lin Mo in a few blows.

                Above the high building, the wind howled.

                Lin Mo grabbed the long-haired youth and dragged him to the window opening, with half of his body hanging out of the window.

                "Answer my question, or, I'll throw you down!"

                This was a twenty storey high building!

                The long-haired youth almost pissed himself in fear as he looked down at the street below.

                "Big brother, big brother, I ...... I'll talk, can't I talk?"

                "You pull me back first, pull me back first ah ......"

                The long-haired youth shivered and begged as he finally became honest.

                Lin Mo pulled him back a little and said in a cold voice, "Answer my question!"

                The long-haired youth took a few long breaths and said in a trembling voice, "Big brother, this matter, it can't be blamed on me!"

                "This brother of yours was meddling, not only did he get in our way, but he even called the police to end my venue."

                "I almost went to jail for this, and in the end it cost me 130 million dollars to settle the matter."

                "You say, I ...... can I not be angry?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "My brother never argues with people, much less offends them casually."

                "How could he have called the police for no reason? Why on earth?"

                The long-haired youth said indignantly, "How should I know?"

                "I didn't even know him before, I had nothing to do with him at all, and he just had to mind his own business."

                At this moment, Xiao Wu struggled to his feet and exclaimed, "You ...... are talking nonsense!"

                "You guys grabbed Zhang's sister, took her to that whatever clubhouse, injected her with drugs and made her accompany the clients."

                "Zhang went to you guys to ask for someone, you didn't give it and broke one of Zhang's legs."

                "We called the police to save the person, that's why."

                "How is this called meddling?"

                Hearing this, Lin Mo basically knew what was going on.

                From the looks of it, this long-haired youth, probably didn't do anything good either.

                He had grabbed Xiao Wu's friend's sister and wanted to force her to become a prostitute.

                When Xiao Wu's friend came to ask for her, they didn't give it and injured Xiao Wu's friend.

                Xiao Wu and the others were angry, so they called the police, which resulted in the long-haired youth having such a big loss.

                It was because of this incident that the long-haired youth wanted to kill Xiao Wu and the others.

                Xiao Wu escaped by jumping into the inlet.

                As for the others, it must have been a bad luck!

                And Xiao Wu did not dare to mention this incident afterwards, it looked like he knew the Prince's strength.

                The long-haired youth said reluctantly, "We arrested that girl because her boyfriend owed us money and used her as collateral."

                "Besides, what does this, have to do with you?"

                "You ...... run to the police, that's just meddling!"

                "This big brother, do you think, can I not be angry?"

                Lin Mo said coldly, "I don't think my brother is meddling, on the contrary, I think he's doing the right thing!"

                "You are doing evil and forcing good people into prostitution, but anyone with some humanity should have stopped you!"

                The long-haired youth's face was swollen red with anger, but in the end, he did not dare to retort.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Then who contacted you this time when you went to Guang Province to arrest people?"

                Lin Mo knew that the person who contacted the long-haired youth was definitely the person behind the scenes.

                The long-haired youth shook his head with a bewildered expression, "I don't know who it is either."