Medical Genius Chapter 1155

 The bottle was inside the youth's mouth and this hit the wall and the bottle shattered straight away.

                The broken glass fragments, directly pierced the youth's mouth. There were even shards of glass coming out of his face, looking extremely horrible.

                The youth spat blood down his mouth and slowly fell to the ground, unable to even crawl up.

                With this blow, Lin Mo caused everyone in the room to freeze.

                No one had thought that Lin Mo would strike so viciously!

                After a moment of silence, the long-haired youth burst out in anger, "Bastard, you dare to hit one of our men?"

                "Who the hell are you?"

                "Do you know that we are with the Crown Prince, do you want to seek death?"

                Lin Mo ignored him, instead he helped Xiao Wu up and whispered, "Brother, I'm sorry, I'm late!"

                Xiao Wu, on the other hand, was panicked and said in a trembling voice, "Lin Zi, you ...... you go, you go quickly ......"

                "These people, but they can kill people ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Don't worry, tonight, I'll kill someone too!"

                "You rest here, I'll help you take revenge!"

                Lin Mo stood up, swept his gaze over the crowd and said in a cold voice, "Listen carefully, my name is Lin Mo!"

                "Little Five is my brother!"

                "If you hurt him, today, you'll have to pay with your lives!"

                The people in the room looked at each other, none of them had ever heard of Lin Mo's name.

                The long-haired youth angrily rebuked, "Fuck, I've never heard of any Lin Mo."

                "I don't care who you really are, anyway, if you dare to cause trouble here, you will die!"

                The long-haired youth waved his hand, and a group of youths surrounded him behind.

                The women were even more bouncy, shouting loudly, "Get rid of him! Kill him!"

                "Where did that brat come from? He doesn't know how brave he is, he even dares to touch the Prince's people!"

                "Hahahaha, we're in for a treat ......"

                Lin Mo ignored them, but turned around and closed the door to the room.

                The long-haired youth was stunned, "What are you doing?"

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he said word for word, "Today, none of you will be able to run out!"

                "My brother's revenge must be brought to an end!"

                The long-haired youth laughed outright, "Ouch I'll fuck you, you can really brag!"

                "And you're afraid we'll run away?"

                "Shit, it's crucial that you don't run away today!"

                "Kill him for me!"

                The long-haired youth angrily reprimanded and rushed forward first, raising his foot towards Lin Mo.

                It could be seen that this long-haired youth had also practiced.

                However, in front of Lin Mo, his kung fu was like nothing.

                Lin Mo took a direct step forward, grabbed the long-haired youth's throat and punched him in the knee.

                The long-haired youth's leg bone was directly broken, causing him to scream in pain.

                And Lin Mo threw him to the ground with his hand and rushed forward, mixing with those youths.

                These youths were only capable of brawling with some small-time punks.

                When they met a master like Lin Mo, they were powerless to resist.

                This time, Lin Mo was really crazy.

                After a series of blows, all these youths fell to the ground.

                Half of them were directly killed by Lin Mo.

                The other half, who were not hit in a vital way, barely managed to stay alive. But they were also seriously injured and no longer had the strength to fight.

                It was at this point that the youths completely panicked.

                They finally understood why Lin Mo had closed the door!

                As for the girls who had been jumping around extremely hard earlier, they were all now stunned and huddled in the corner, not daring to speak.

                Lin Mo slowly walked over to the long-haired youth and looked at him from a high position: "My brother is an introvert and has never made enemies with anyone, what exactly did he do to piss you off?"

                "You actually want him dead?"

                The long-haired youth shivered and said in a trembling voice, "Who the hell are you ......?"

                "I'm telling you, we're all the Prince's people."

                "The Crown Prince ...... will definitely not let you go ......"

                Lin Mo stomped on his broken leg: "That's not the answer I want, rephrase!"