Medical Genius Chapter 1154

 At three o'clock in the morning, Lin Mo arrived at Hai Cheng.

                It was the first time that Lin Mo had reached this place where all the heroes in the world were plucked.

                He opened his phone and Tiger's message came over.

                Tiger had sent someone who had been following the Prince's group of people.

                This group of people, had now brought Little Five back to Sea City.

                At this moment, they had already brought Xiao Wu inside a night club in Hai Cheng.

                According to Tiger's information, the people who had beaten Xiao Wu in the previous video were at that nightclub.

                Lin Mo immediately took a taxi and ran to this nightclub.

                At half past three, Xiao Wu, who had regained consciousness, was taken to the manager's room upstairs of the nightclub.

                Inside the manager's room, there were several youths who were partying.

                Inside, there were also more than a dozen girls dressed to the extreme, and there were even a few girls who had their clothes almost stripped off.

                When they saw someone come in, they ignored it as if they didn't care about shame anymore.

                Xiao Wu was brought here, and when he saw the few people in the room, his face instantly turned pale.

                He would never forget the look of these people until he died!

                When the few youths inside the house saw Xiao Wu, they all laughed out loud as well.

                The leader was a long-haired youth, who kicked Xiao Wu directly in the chest and cursed, "Bastard, you're still tough!"

                "You jumped down from the inlet and survived?"

                "Damn, you're dressed like a man, what's the matter, are you rich?"

                Xiao Wu fell to his knees and said in a trembling voice, "Brother, I ...... know I'm wrong, please forgive me ......"

                The long-haired youth let out a fierce laugh, "Spare you?"

                "Do you think I will spare you?"

                "Do you know how much money I spent for nothing just because of a phone call from you?"

                The more he said, the angrier he became, the longer-haired youth directly gave Xiao Wu a few slaps and said angrily, "Because of your one phone call, I spent 130 million dollars to settle that matter."

                "I almost went to jail, and it was all because of you."

                "And now you're begging me to spare you? Do you think that's possible?"

                Xiao Wu fell to his knees and begged in a trembling voice, but the long-haired young man was unmoved and kicked him in the face several more times, causing blood to flow from his mouth.

                Several other youths in the room also gathered around, punching and kicking him, laughing and beating him.

                As for the girls, they were constantly shouting cheers from the side.

                They even clapped their hands and shouted in approval when anyone hit a wound on Xiao Wu's body.

                In their eyes, Xiao Wu wasn't even a human being anymore, but a beast that could be slaughtered as if it were.

                Xiao Wu was beaten and lay on the ground, defenceless, his head and body covered in blood.

                But the youths had no intention of stopping.

                Xiao Wu's mind was beginning to drift.

                He originally thought that he had escaped death by returning to Guangyang City.

                Moreover, he had met his best brother, married the girl he loved, and was finally able to live a happy life.

                Little did he know that he would not be able to get rid of this nightmare in the end.

                He was truly desperate!

                Just as these people were fighting vigorously, there was a sudden loud bang from the door of the room, as if someone was kicking the door hard.

                All the people in the room were stunned, and the long-haired youth said angrily, "Damn, who the hell ......"

                Before he could finish his sentence, there was another loud bang from the door of the room.

                This time, the door of the room was directly knocked open.

                A grim-faced man walked in through the doorway, and it was none other than Lin Mo!

                As soon as he entered, he saw Xiao Wu who was covered in blood and fell on the ground, and Lin Mo's eyes went straight to red.

                This was his brother!

                At this moment, a young man standing at the door walked over with a bottle of wine, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing, "Who the hell are you, do you know ......"

                Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo backhanded him by the wrist and shoved the bottle directly into his mouth.

                Then, Lin Mo pressed his neck and slammed his head hard against the wall.