Medical Genius Chapter 1153

 After a moment of contemplation, Lin Mo suddenly remembered that video in his own phone.

                When Xiao Wu was kidnapped, he himself received this video, was there any other connection between the two?

                He immediately sent the video to Tiger and asked him to investigate the situation.

                As a result, not long after sending it, Tiger sent a message.

                Those youths in the video were all the Prince of Hai Cheng's men!

                At this moment, Lin Mo finally knew what had happened.

                There was no doubt that Xiao Wu should have had some kind of grudge against the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng, which was why he had been severely injured.

                And while Xiao Wu had escaped by diving into the water at that time and returned to Guangyang City, he never dared to mention the matter of Hai Cheng.

                But this person behind the curtain had found out about Xiao Wu, so he used this incident to use the Crown Prince of Haicheng to deal with Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo clenched his fists, this man behind the curtain, he was really sinister!

                However, he had no other choice now.

                Xiao Wu had been taken away, and no matter what, he had to go and get Xiao Wu back.

                "Tiger, send your men to continue the chase and find out where Little Five is."

                "I'm going to Sea City now!"

                Lin Mo commanded in a deep voice.

                Lao Hu was anxious: "Brother Lin, you ...... have to think clearly."

                "This time, the Prince of Hai Cheng's people are the ones who grabbed Little Five outside Guangyang City."

                "Even the Heavenly Master, I'm afraid he won't be able to find a reason to say anything."

                "If you go to Hai Cheng, that would be breaking the rules of the Poison Spider, which ......"

                Lin Mo said directly, "Xiao Wu is my brother, I can't possibly watch him die!"

                "No matter how dangerous it is, I have to go on this trip!"

                Putting down the phone, Lin Mo took out the bottle containing the Qi and Blood Pill and walked straight out of the basement.

                He walked upstairs and looked at the sleeping Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi with some reluctance on his face.

                However, in the end, he was still determined to leave.

                Just after arriving at the airport, Lin Mo received a phone call from Fang Wu De.

                "Mr. Lin, I heard that you are going to Hai Cheng?"

                "I think, it's not quite right, the Prince of Haicheng, that's no ordinary person!"

                Lin Mo said, "Master Fang, we are only working together."

                "If I don't make it back this time, then your Fang Family, is still a member of the Ten Great Families."

                Fang Wude hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, that's not what I meant."

                "I just want you to reconsider, those who achieve great things will inevitably have to make some sacrifices."

                "You're being impulsive like this ......"

                Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "That's my brother."

                "If he dies, then there is no point for me to achieve even more!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo directly hung up the phone.

                However, then, Liu Tianxiang, Zhou Qingwu, and even Elder Ding, all called him, urging him not to go to Haicheng.

                However, Lin Mo's reply was always the same.

                His own brothers, even if they were in greater danger, he had to save them no matter what!

                In the end, Lin Mo still set off on the plane to Haicheng.

                Guangyang City, the top floor of Fang Wude's hotel.

                Zhou Qingwu, Liu Tianxiang, Fang Wude, and Elder Ding, were all here now.

                Even Song Zhilan, too, was sitting here.

                The four of them were filled with emotions, and they were all quite puzzled by this practice of Lin Mo's.

                In their opinion, this was a completely stupid move on Lin Mo's part.

                Only Song Zhilan, with a brilliant look in her eyes, softly lamented, "I will go on despite the millions of people!"

                "That's a true hero and a true hero!"

                Zhou Qingwu then sighed, "Since ancient times, heroes have all had false names, only lords have made great things happen!"

                "Mr. Lin is too emotional, hey, if he could give up these feelings, his achievements would be unlimited!"

                Song Zhilan glanced at him, "I don't think so."

                "A person, if he even loses his feelings, then even if he has great achievements, what's the point?"