Medical Genius Chapter 1152

 Tiger's side started to move, and Lin Mo also quickly went out.

                He tried to contact Nanba Tian, but Nanba Tian's phone was already switched off, and even Xiao Ke's phone was also switched off.

                In desperation, he could only contact Chen Shengyuan and ask him to help.

                Following closely behind, he informed the four clans of the news as well, asking them to be ready to help.

                After almost half an hour or so, Tiger suddenly called, his voice tinged with panic: "Brother Lin, something has happened, something big has happened ......"

                Lin Mo's face changed sharply, "What's wrong?"

                "Is something wrong with Xiao Wu?"

                Tiger gasped and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Lin, our men have caught up with the group of people who kidnapped Xiao Wu."

                "But they are no longer within the boundaries of Guangyang City, and, moreover, have handed Xiao Wu over to another group of people."

                "Do you know, what this other group of people is?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "What kind of people?"

                Tiger said in a trembling voice: "It's ...... someone from Hai Cheng ......"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, "Hai Cheng?"

                "How is it that they are from Hai Cheng?"

                "I don't have any enemies in Hai Cheng!"

                Laohu: "But, it is indeed people from Hai Cheng."

                "Moreover, these people, are also the men of the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng."

                "Brother Lin, do you ...... know the Crown Prince of Sea City?"

                Lin Mo: "Who is the Crown Prince of Sea City?"

                Tiger sighed and whispered, "The Crown Prince of Sea City, that's the number one young man in Sea City."

                "His mother, nicknamed Poison Spider, is the true king of Sea City."

                "With his own power, he has suppressed the ten major families and major powers in Sea City!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "So what?"

                "Little Five is my brother, no matter who it is, no one can harm him!"

                Tiger whispered, "But, Brother Lin, this person, the Crown Prince, we ...... we can't afford to mess with ......"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be puzzled.

                Tiger had followed him for so long and had seen his methods. During this time, Tiger had dared to fight hard against the ten families.

                However, why was Tiger so terrified when it came to this Prince of Hai Cheng?

                Lin Mo asked, "Why?"

                Tiger sighed, "That place, Sea City, you know that, it's a truly big city."

                "The ten families of Haicheng, whether in terms of strength or financial power, are far beyond the ten families of Guang Province."

                "Countless big shots, who want to get a foothold in Haicheng, are as hard to get a foothold!"

                "And a woman, the Poison Spider, has pressured the Ten Great Families of Hai Cheng to lift their heads, think about how strong she is."

                "She only has this one son, whatever the Crown Prince wants to do, she absolutely supports."

                "If we ...... go to the Crown Prince to snatch someone, we'll be fighting hard against the poisonous spider."

                "Brother Lin, unless Master Tian steps in, it's going to be very difficult to do!"

                Lin Mo frowned, he didn't expect that the Prince of Hai Cheng's identity would be so strong.

                Now, he finally understood what this person behind the curtain was trying to do.

                To put it bluntly, this person behind the curtain was deterred by Nanba Tian and didn't dare to kill him personally.

                So, he had thought of this method, wanting to use the Prince of Hai Cheng's hand to get rid of him.

                Moreover, this man behind the curtain was very sophisticated in his work.

                He deliberately asked Xu Dongxue to trick Xiao Wu to the outskirts of the city, and then, he had someone take Xiao Wu away and hand him over to the Prince of Hai Cheng's men outside Guang Yang City.

                In this way, Hai Cheng's men had not set foot within the boundaries of Guangyang City, and it was not considered breaking Nanba Tian's rules.

                Even if Nanba Tian wanted to make a move, he would not be able to find a reason to do so.

                What's more, during this period of time, Nanba Tian was not in Guangyang City.

                In this situation, Lin Mo would have to settle this matter on his own.

                Right now, Lin Mo only had two options.

                Either he didn't mess with the Prince of Hai Cheng, but I was afraid that Xiao Wu would be in trouble.

                He could either go to Hai Cheng and save Xiao Wu, but then he would definitely have to make enemies with the Crown Prince of Hai Cheng.

                Perhaps, he would even die in Sea City!