Medical Genius Chapter 1151

 Xu Dongxue immediately sat up straight: "What should I do?"

                The cold voice: "You need to do two things."

                "First, you need to find a way to trick Xiao Wu into going to the outskirts of Guangyang City."

                "Second, I will give you a video, you have to take this video and send it to Lin Mo."

                Xu Dongxue immediately nodded, "No problem!"

                Next, she conferred with Huang Liang for a while.

                In the end, the two of them contacted Xiao Wu under the guise of Xu Hanxia's name.

                On the pretext that there was a problem with the company's medicinal materials, they asked him to go to the southern suburbs to check it out.

                The herb company's warehouse was located in the southern suburbs.

                Xiao Wu was honest and didn't think too much about it, so he immediately drove to the southern suburbs.

                Before he could reach the warehouse in the southern suburbs, he was involved in a car accident.

                Xiao Wu was knocked unconscious, followed closely by several men in black who got out of the car and carried Xiao Wu away quickly.

                Not long after that, a man found Xu Dongxue and gave her a flash drive, asking her to send the video to Xu Dongxue.

                Xu Dongxue opened it and looked at it. Inside was a picture of a man being beaten up.

                When she took a closer look, she saw that among the people who were beaten was Xiao Wu.

                Xu Dongxue was surprised, what was going on here?

                However, she didn't care that much.

                The first thing she did was to send the video to Lin Mo, saying that she had overheard it from the internet.

                At this moment, Lin Mo was cultivating the Creation Skill inside the basement of Wangjiang Garden.

                When he received the video, he casually opened it.

                When he saw the content inside, Lin Mo's blood rushed straight to his head!

                Inside the video, Xiao Wu and a few people were kneeling on the ground, desperately begging.

                Several young men, strutting their stuff and ignoring their pleas, were beating them with various weapons.

                Xiao Wu, in particular, was pinned to the ground and beaten until he vomited blood from his mouth.

                Xiao Wu was knocked down several times, but, again, he was picked up and made to kneel on the ground.

                No matter how much Xiao Wu cried and begged, the other party paid no attention to them, looking at that situation, they were totally intent on beating them to death.

                And in fact, two of the youths were indeed beaten to death alive.

                As for Xiao Wu, he was also beaten and covered in blood, and finally turned around and jumped into the raging river behind him.

                Those few youths rushed to the riverside and cursed angrily before the scene came to a halt.

                Seeing this, Lin Mo's face turned blue.

                During this time, he had already healed Little Five's injuries.

                And he had asked a few times, but Xiao Wu had never said what he had been through, let alone who had injured him.

                Now that he saw the video, Lin Mo knew what was going on.

                The first thing he did was to call Xiao Wu, but, after calling twice, no one answered.

                He couldn't help but be puzzled and immediately called Xiao Wu's wife.

                As a result, he was surprised to learn that Xiao Wu had gone to a warehouse in the southern suburbs.

                Lin Mo immediately felt bad, he quickly contacted the people in the southern suburbs warehouse, but was told that Xiao Wu had not gone to the southern suburbs warehouse at all.

                Lin Mo's face suddenly changed, he suddenly realized that these things were happening too coincidentally.

                It was obvious that someone was behind all this!

                He didn't dare to delay and immediately contacted Tiger and told him to go look for Xiao Wu.

                At the same time, Lin Mo called Xu Dongxue again.

                As a result, Xu Dongxue's mobile phone was switched off and he couldn't reach her at all.

                Lin Mo immediately frowned, he knew that someone must have borrowed Xu Dongxue's hand to push all this forward.

                In fact, it was only Xu Dongxue that could possibly trick Xiao Wu out. Everyone else, there was no such possibility!

                Just what exactly were they going to do?

                Lin Mo waited for ten minutes before news came from Tiger's side that they had found Xiao Wu's car, but Xiao Wu was not in it.

                Moreover, they had retrieved the nearby surveillance and found that Xiao Wu had been kidnapped.

                Lin Mo's face changed and he immediately told Tiger to go and save Xiao Wu.

                Xiao Wu was his best brother, he couldn't let anything happen to him no matter what!