Medical Genius Chapter 1148

 Looking at Elder Li's appearance, there was no element of lying on his part.

                So, what is this Li Chengduo all about?

                "Elder Li, I feel that this Li Chengduo is too arrogant and does not act in a measured manner at all."

                "The Li family, why would they allow him to be the head of the family?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Elder Li looked helpless, "Mr. Lin, I don't want him to be the head of the family either."

                "But, of my five sons, four died young and he is the only one who survived."

                "If I don't let him be the head of the family, who can I ...... make the head of the family?"

                Lin Mo frowned, after all was said and done, Elder Li had no choice before letting Li Chengduo, the defeated son, become the head of the family.

                However, this matter sounded too fishy.

                Of Elder Li's five sons, four had all died young, leaving only the most untalented one alive, which was too much of a coincidence, right?

                After a moment of silence, Lin Mo said, "You call Li Chengduo here, I have some questions for him!"

                Elder Li nodded his head and was just about to go out.

                Just then, a person came running outside the door and said cheerfully, "Old Master, there's no need to be polite to that Lin Mo!"

                "The Ten Great Families are here, they've come to support us!"

                Elder Li couldn't help but stare as he was somewhat bewildered.

                How could people from the Ten Great Families suddenly appear at this time?

                Didn't they say before that they wouldn't support them in this matter?

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, frowned, it was too much of a coincidence that the Ten Great Families had come, wasn't it?

                Could it be that this time, it was the third family that was working with the Miaojiang Companions again, manipulating all this behind the scenes?

                But the question was, why did he want to stop himself from doing anything in the Li family?

                Could it be that the Li family still had some secrets that they didn't know about?

                Amidst the doubts, a number of people had already walked in outside.

                Those who came were all key figures from the ten great families.

                When these people came in, they chided, "Lin Mo, don't go too far in your actions!"

                "The Li family is, after all, a member of the Ten Great Families, for you to kill the Li family, is this really bullying my Ten Great Families into having no one?"

                "In this matter today, my Ten Great Families will never sit idly by and do nothing!"

                These people were yelling non-stop, all treating Lin Mo as an enemy.

                Lin Mo had basically gotten the answer he wanted from the Li family's side, so naturally, he didn't bother to clash with them head on.

                "Hmph, the Ten Families have come at a really good time!"

                "The Li family has even made amends and apologised, and you guys come to be the good guys at this time?"

                "Tsk, if you're so united, why didn't you come earlier?"

                Lin Mo mocked and led Tiger and the others, and set off.

                On the Li family's side, as Elder Li exchanged pleasantries and sent the people from the ten families away, he couldn't help but fall into deep thought.

                The few questions Lin Mo had asked had made him begin to have doubts in his heart as well.

                Could it be that Li Chengduo's intention to annex the Ding family this time was not just as simple as being reckless?

                Lin Mo left the Li family and contacted Fang Wu De at the first opportunity, asking him who had actually organised the Ten Families to come to the Li family.

                Instead, Fang Wude told him that no one had organised it, and that the Ten Families were spontaneous this time.

                This was because, immediately after Lin Mo had killed the Li family, a rumour had reached the ears of the Ten Great Families in Guangyang City.

                This rumour said that Lin Mo had already trampled the Ten Great Families under his feet, and even brought people to kill the Li Family, the Ten Great Families didn't even dare to say a word, the Ten Great Families were just a bunch of trash.

                As a result, the people of the Ten Great Families were so angry that they joined together and went to the Li Family.

                Lin Mo immediately frowned, there was no doubt that the person who had put out this rumour was the third family who had truly collaborated with the Companions.

                But the problem was that there was no evidence for something like a rumour.

                The clue, when it came to this, was broken again!

                It looked like he would have to start with Li Chengduo, and he would have to find a chance to go and ask Li Chengduo in person!