Medical Genius Chapter 1145

 Lin Mo directly slapped the table, "Shrew, let me advise you as well."

                "This is a private matter between me and the Li family, you'd better stay out of it."

                "Otherwise, it wouldn't be good to lose your life here again after being so old!"

                The woman froze straight away, she didn't expect that someone would dare to scold her like that.

                All these years, with her father's name, she had ridden roughshod outside, and no one had dared to mess with her yet.

                And this, in turn, had nurtured her spiteful and mean personality!

                Now that she was scolded, she was even more furious.

                "You ...... you ...... how dare you scold me ......"

                The woman's voice was shivering.

                Lin Mo: "So what if I scolded you?"

                "Indiscriminately, coming up and asking me to kowtow and apologize, what kind of a person are you?"

                The woman was furious: "I ...... I'll kill you!"

                She screamed and wanted to rush up.

                But Wu Chaoyang, who was next to her, pulled her back.

                "Honey, don't be impulsive."

                "This kind of cricket, just leave it to me!"

                "In a moment I will break his arms and legs, pick out his eyes and cut out his tongue, so that he can't beg for his life or die!"

                The woman burst into laughter, "Honey, you still love me!"

                "Remember, make sure you don't let him die too painfully, I want him to die from torture!"

                Wu Chaoyang nodded with a faint smile as he slowly walked in front of Lin Mo, his face also filled with an arrogant expression.

                "Young man, you don't know how high the sky is."

                "If you seek your own death, you can't blame me!"

                "Suffer death!"

                In the midst of his angry rebuke, Wu Chaoyang suddenly rushed out and smashed both of his fists into Lin Mo's temples at the same time.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this Wu Chaoyang's strength was not weak.

                However, he was not the least bit afraid either.

                He raised both hands at the same time to block Wu Chaoyang's strike.

                At this moment, Wu Chaoyang also took a step forward, ready to hit Lin Mo with his shoulder.

                However, Lin Mo reacted a little faster than him.

                While blocking his blow, Lin Mo's body sank slightly and his heels hit the ground with a fierce stomp.

                The crowd only heard a sharp sound, which came from the sole of his shoe rubbing against the floor.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo rushed out like a cannonball and his right shoulder collided directly with Wu Chaoyang's shoulder.

                With a loud bang, Wu Chaoyang's whole body flew backwards and fell heavily on the table behind him, smashing it to pieces.

                Everyone at the scene was frozen, no one had expected that Wu Chaoyang would be defeated so quickly.

                Even Huang Qiu Cai, who had been smoking a dry cigarette, stopped moving in his hands as he stared straight at Lin Mo and said in a deep voice, "Eight Extremes Fist, Sticky Mountain Lean!"

                "You're not from Guang Province, where are you from anyway? Who is your master?"

                Lin Mo simply ignored him.

                The woman was furious: "Sinner, can't you hear my father asking you?"

                "Still don't answer, do you want to seek death?"

                As she spoke, she rushed straight up and prepared to slap Lin Mo.

                Huang Qiu Cai immediately stood up, "Stop!"

                The woman was somewhat unconvinced, "Dad, why?"

                Huang Qiu Wein slowly walked over, he looked at Lin Mo with cold eyes, "Because, you are no match for him!"

                The woman opened her mouth, but in the end she didn't dare to speak.

                Her strength was not much stronger than Wu Chaoyang's.

                If Wu Chaoyang was defeated by a single blow, then she was definitely not a match for Lin Mo!

                Huang Qiu Cao stood in front of Lin Mo and said in a cold voice, "Young man, your strength is not weak, but you are just a little too blind!"

                "Those who practice martial arts must know that there are people outside the sky!"

                "Your Baji Fist is not weak, but my disciple was also careless just now."

                "Otherwise, it wouldn't be easy for you to defeat him!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "I also advise you, it's best to stay out of other people's personal affairs."

                "Otherwise, at an old age, it wouldn't be worth it to put your life on the line again!"