Medical Genius Chapter 1144

 Faced with the Li family's aggression, Lin Mo's expression was indifferent.

                He swept his gaze over the Li family's people and finally landed on the Li family's old man.

                "I heard that you openly let slip that you wanted to make me pay in blood?"

                "Now, I'm standing right here, what can you do to me?"

                Lin Mo asked in a cold voice.

                Elder Li laughed in anger, "Surnamed Lin, I know that you are not weak."

                "But do you really think that the ten families of Guangyang City are all trash?"

                "Let me tell you, I've been guarding against this for a long time."

                "Yesterday, I invited three first-class experts from Guangyang Province."

                "Today, you won't be able to walk out of my Li family alive!"

                As they spoke, three people slowly stepped out of the inner room.

                These three were a sturdy middle-aged man, an old man carrying a dry tobacco bag, and the last one, a woman with a mediocre face.

                Although these three looked unimpressive, the Li family members were extremely respectful towards them.

                Even Elder Li stood up directly and bowed, "Three, this is the Lin Mo I told you about."

                "I'm sorry for what happened today, thank you three!"

                The burly man waved his hand, "Old man Li, you don't need to talk nonsense!"

                "What I, Wu Chaoyang, owed to your Li family back then, killing this villain today will be a complete repayment!"

                "In the future, don't bother us anymore!"

                Instead of being the least bit embarrassed, Elder Li was full of sarcastic smiles and respect.

                At this moment, the tiger standing beside Lin Mo had a sharp change of expression.

                "You ...... are Wu Chaoyang?"

                The burly man glanced at the tiger obliquely, "What, you know me?"

                The tiger's face changed sharply as he looked behind him at the old man smoking a dry cigarette, his face full of shock: "You are Wu Chaoyang, then ...... that he ...... then isn't he Sojourner Irregular Huang Qiu Cai?"

                The burly man sneered triumphantly, "You have some insight."

                Tiger's face became even more embarrassed, he tugged at Lin Mo's clothes and whispered, "Brother Lin, how about ...... how about we leave ......"

                "These three people, they are not easy to deal with ......"

                Lin Mo said curiously, "What do you mean?"

                Lao Hu whispered, "That Suo Yi Huang Qiu Cai was once one of the top ten masters in Guang Province."

                "Even the Heavenly Master once commented on his martial arts skills, ascending to the top of the hierarchy and rarely meeting an opponent."

                "That woman, she is his daughter. This Wu Chaoyang, is his disciple."

                "These three people are all very strong, we ...... are afraid that we are not their opponents ......"

                Lin Mo frowned, he didn't expect that the Li family had invited such experts.

                It looked like the Li family's external release to kill him was simply a deliberate attempt to set him up.

                The Li family had invited three experts to deliberately lure him to the Li family, wanting to completely kill him!

                At this moment, the woman also raged up in direct impatience, "It's all here, can you run away?"

                "Cutting off the Li family head's ear and still daring to come to the Li family to cause trouble, do you really think that there is no one in this world who can fix you?"

                "I'm telling you, kneel down and beg for forgiveness right now, break your own arms, and I can spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, when I strike, you won't be able to walk out of here alive!"

                Lin Mo frowned, this woman had a really violent temper.

                "This is a private matter between me and the Li family, are you sure you want to interfere?"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

                The woman was instantly annoyed, "Didn't you hear my words clearly?"

                "You were told to kneel down and beg for mercy and cut off your own arms, who told you to say any other nonsense?"

                "Now, I've changed my mind."

                "It's not enough for you to cut off your own arms, you'll also have to leave a pair of eyes behind, and that's your punishment for talking nonsense!"

                The woman spoke with an arrogant expression on her face.

                As if, in her eyes, Lin Mo was a dead man, she didn't even put Lin Mo in her eyes.

                Lin Mo's face was chilled, this woman, she was really arrogant.