Medical Genius Chapter 1143

 Nowadays, all the people in the Ding family were looking at Lin Mo with admiration in their eyes.

                Even the Ding family head was grateful.

                He had just almost had his leg broken, and his son had been seriously injured like that.

                This was like Lin Mo taking revenge for him and taking out a bite of anger for him!

                "Mr. Lin, thank you so much!"

                The Ding family head thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and waved his hand, "We are all among ourselves, these are all things I should do!"

                "However, I suggest that you guys, during this next period of time, you still have to guard against them."

                "On the Ding Family's side, it's best to arrange more manpower, lest we get sneaked up on."

                The Ding family head nodded vigorously.

                This time, it happened so suddenly that the Ding Family didn't even have time to make preparations.

                Lin Mo took out another Small Returning Elemental Pill and told Ding Haowen to take it.

                Ding Haowen was extremely injured, and after taking this Little Returning Element Pill, his body recovered extremely quickly, causing the Ding family to be amazed.

                This, of course, also made them have more confidence in Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo left the Ding family directly after he had arranged the affairs of the Ding family.

                He knew that next, the Ten Great Families would definitely make a big move.

                He contacted Xu Hanxia and told her to take Lin Xi and stay at Wangjiang Garden and not come out for the time being.

                At the same time, he asked Tiger to arrange a large number of manpower, one group to guard Wangjiang Garden and one group to guard Xu Jiankong Fang Hui.

                He had to guard against Compass Zun, and also against the people of the Ten Great Families.

                Lin Mo had just finished arranging things on his side when he received news from Fang Wu De.

                After Li Chengduo returned, the Li family immediately called a meeting of the Ten Great Families, claiming that they wanted to deal with Lin Mo.

                However, this matter was, in the end, dismissed by Fang Wu De Liu Tian Xiang and Zhou Qing Wu.

                The reason was simple, Li Chengduo was beaten, and that was because he had insulted Lin Mo and was punished by Lin Mo.

                To put it bluntly, this was a personal feud between Li Chengduo and Lin Mo, and it was not appropriate for the Ten Great Families to intervene.

                Among the Ten Great Families, there were some other families that belonged to a neutral faction.

                When they dealt with the Ding family, it was because they had interests to gain, and that was why they supported Li Chengduo.

                However, to deal with Lin Mo, there was no benefit, on the contrary, there was danger, so they were definitely not happy about it.

                So, there was opposition from the Fang family, the Liu family and the Zhou family, plus the lack of support from these neutral factions.

                In the end, the Li family's request did not materialise.

                And as a result, the Li family became furious and openly let it be known that they had no common ground with Lin Mo and would make him pay in blood no matter what!

                Upon learning this news, Lin Mo could not help but smile coldly.

                He was still thinking about how to start the plan behind him.

                Unexpectedly, the Li family was really cooperative!

                After that, Lin Mo also let the word out, claiming that if the Li family wanted him to pay in blood, he wouldn't be polite to the Li family either!

                To put it bluntly, it was a blatant declaration of war against the Li family!

                Seeing this, the other clans among the Ten Great Families did not get involved.

                After all, this was a personal grudge.

                In the afternoon of that day, Lin Mo led his men straight into the Li family compound.

                The Li family was still bewildered.

                They had never expected that Lin Mo would be so bold as to blatantly kill his way into the Li family compound.

                The Li family had been passed down in Guangyang City for over two hundred years, but no one had dared to kill the Li family compound, and Lin Mo was the first person to do so!

                The Li family members rushed out and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

                Li Chengduo was also helped out, and when he saw Lin Mo, his eyes were red.

                "Surnamed Lin, how dare you, how dare you come running to my Li family!"

                "There is a way out of heaven for you, but there is no way out of hell to barge in!"

                "Today, you won't be able to walk out of the Li family alive!"

                Li Chengduo roared in anger.

                Old Master Li also sat on the tai shi chair, his face full of anger, "Lin Mo, do you really think that with Nanba Tian backing you up, you can do whatever you want?"

                "If you enter my Li family today, you are the deadly enemy of my Li family."

                "Even if we kill you, Nanba Tian won't be able to say anything!"

                "You are seeking your own death, today, even the gods cannot save you!"