Medical Genius Chapter 1142

 Li Chengduo's face was very cold as he said indignantly, "Old man Ding, you can think clearly!"

                "Do you know what the consequences of this statement will bring to the Ding family?"

                Old Master Ding's eyes closed slightly, "I have thought it through!"

                Li Chengduo gritted his teeth, "Good! Yes! Good for you, old man Ding!"

                "How dare you do something that betrays the Ten Great Families without saying a word!"


                "Listen to me clearly!"

                "From now on, your Ding Clan is the enemy of my Ten Great Clans!"

                "I want everyone in your Ding Family, not a single one of them will be left behind!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Li Chengduo, beware of the wind blowing your tongue."

                "What, Master Ding is an enemy of the Ten Great Families for cooperating with me to develop Tianhua Mall?"

                "According to you, I am also your enemy?"

                Li Chengduo said angrily, "Lin Mo, cut the crap!"

                "This matter has nothing to do with you!"

                "This is a matter for my ten clans!"

                Lin Mo nodded, "Good!"

                "Let's not mention things that have nothing to do with it!"

                "Let's mention the matters that are related!"

                Li Chengduo frowned, "What matters are relevant?"

                Lin Mo looked at him and suddenly said, "From the time you came in just now, you called me a wimp, how many times did you do that?"

                "Also, you said that my wife can't be compared to your daughter? Hmph, Li Chengduo, are you insulting my wife?"

                "These accounts, how do you settle them?"

                Li Chengduo could not help but stutter, and then he said in a cold voice, "Hmph, having said that, what else do you want?"

                "Besides, I didn't lie, you are indeed just a soft-earned loser!"

                "Furthermore, my daughter is a thousand-year-old daughter of the Li family, what does your wife count for ......"

                Not waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo suddenly took a step and rushed to him.

                Without any further ado, he directly threw several big slaps at his face.

                Li Chengduo was hit so hard that his eyes were glazed over and he almost couldn't stand up.

                By the time his bodyguards reacted, it was too late.

                Li Chengduo was furious: "Bastard, how dare you hit me?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Beat you?"

                "Beating you is still light!"

                "Li Chengduo, you listen to me clearly!"

                "Now, kneel down, kowtow and apologise, and I can let you walk out in one piece!"

                "Otherwise, today, you must leave something behind!"

                Li Chengduo was furious: "Surnamed Lin, who are you scaring?"

                "I am the head of the Li family, how dare you hit me? You're dead ......"

                Lin Mo also stopped talking nonsense and rushed up again.

                Li Chengduo's few bodyguards were much more alert this time and hurriedly stepped in to stop him.

                However, the strength of these bodyguards and Lin Mo were too far apart.

                Lin Mo almost rampaged through them and knocked them all to the ground.

                After that, he directly grabbed Li Chengduo, who wanted to escape, and kicked him in the knee, pinning him to the ground.

                Immediately afterwards, he punched Li Chengduo in the mouth and half of his teeth fell out.

                And Lin Mo didn't stop there, he pulled out his dagger and cut off both of Li Chengduo's ears.

                Li Chengduo let out a miserable scream and fell to the ground, rolling over and over, in unbearable pain.

                Seeing such a situation, some of the people from the other clans around wanted to make a move, but more chose to watch from the sidelines.

                Of these nine great clans, the Zhou family, the Fang family and the Liu family, were now completely on Lin Mo's side.

                They were only pretending to come over and would definitely not help out.

                A few other clans, on the contrary, wanted to make a move, but seeing Lin Mo, who was like a heavenly god descending from the earth, who dared to make a move?

                These people were not fools either!

                Everyone knew that Lin Mo was powerful and ruthless.

                Who would fight with him?

                So, in the end, Li Chengduo was carried away with a wail.

                The ten great clans had come with great vigour, but in the end, they went back in disgrace.

                On the Ding family's side, the crowd cheered.

                All the grievances they had suffered before had been swept away when Lin Mo had hit Li Chengduo so hard!