Medical Genius Chapter 1141

 The strength of the Ding family's master was quite acceptable, but compared to Li Chengduo's people, he was still far inferior.

                "Li Chengduo, even if you beat me to death today, I will definitely not give in!"

                "My son's revenge, I will definitely not let you go!"

                The Ding family head let out a hoarse roar.

                Li Chengduo threw back his head and laughed wildly, "If you say so, then today, I will have no choice but to beat you to death!"

                "Come, break both of his legs first, I want him to kneel on the ground and talk to me!"

                Li Chengduo's two bodyguards immediately struck out and surrounded the Ding Family Master alone.

                The Ding Family Master was beaten back by these two men and was no match for them.

                At this moment, on the Ding Family's side, a few people also rushed up and tried to help the Ding Family Master.

                However, there were more people on the side of the Ten Great Families.

                It didn't take long for several people on the Ding Family's side to suffer heavy wounds.

                The Ding Family Master was even knocked to the ground, and one of them directly grabbed his ankle, ready to ruin his leg.

                Just then, an icy voice suddenly came out, "Stop it in moderation!"

                Everyone was stunned, and the crowd turned their heads to look.

                Li Chengduo's eyes even widened, "Damn it, which son of a bitch spoke?"

                "Stand out for me!"

                In the crowd, one person slowly walked out, and it was none other than Lin Mo.

                Seeing Lin Mo, everyone was dumbfounded.

                Even the people of the Ding family were frozen.

                The crowd knew about Lin Mo saving Elder Ding, but no one had expected that Lin Mo would stand up for the Ding Family.

                However, seeing Lin Mo, hope was instantly sparked in the hearts of the Ding family.

                This young man had caused the Ten Great Families to suffer great losses on several occasions.

                With him around, the Ding Family was as if they had found a mountain to lean on!

                Li Chengduo's brow was furrowed as he looked coldly at Lin Mo, a hint of mockery wiping across the corner of his mouth, "So it's you, the wimp!"

                "What, when did you change to join the Ding family? How dare you run away to the Ding family's nest?"

                "Hmph, I'm telling you, even if you joined the Ding family, you're still just an outsider."

                "You're not qualified to interfere in the Ding family's affairs."

                "If you insist on meddling in this matter, then you are an enemy of my ten families!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Li Chengduo, your mouth, has it always been this foul?"

                Li Chengduo was furious, "What did you say?"

                "I am the head of the Li family of the Ten Great Families, how dare you speak to me like that?"

                "You are simply insulting my Ten Great Families, you ......"

                Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "Li Chengduo, say it again, can you represent the Ten Great Families?"

                "Does every word you say represent the opinions of the Ten Great Families?"

                "I'm recording the audio now, so tell me clearly!"

                "Lest you deny it later!"

                Looking at Lin Mo's mobile phone, Li Chengduo was instantly goaded.

                Some of the things he said were indeed inappropriate.

                If Lin Mo used this as an excuse to deal with him, then he would also have a headache.

                After a moment of silence, Li Chengduo gritted his teeth and said, "Lin Mo, today is a matter between us and the Ding family, it has nothing to do with you."

                "Are you trying to interfere in the affairs of my ten clans?"

                Lin Mo: "I won't meddle in the affairs of the Ten Great Families!"

                "However, I have a 30% stake in Tianhua Mall."

                "If you want to move into the Tianhua Shopping Mall, you must at least consult me, right?"

                At these words, the faces of the Ten Great Families all changed.

                Li Chengduo's brow furrowed tightly.

                From this aspect, he really could not refute it.

                After a moment of contemplation, he said in a cold voice, "Elder Ding, what do you think?"

                By asking this, he was forcing the Ding family to make a choice.

                Elder Ding's expression was calm as he nodded slightly, "Mr. Lin, he is indeed qualified to intervene in the affairs of Tianhua Mall!"

                At these words, the ten great families were all in an uproar.

                In this way, the Ding Family was completely on the same side as Lin Mo.