Medical Genius Chapter 114-116

 Chapter 114

Walking out of the office, Huang Liang immediately approached Fang Hui's side: "Mom, we made so much money on our first business."

                "It seems that our company will have unlimited prospects in the future!"

                "I'm thinking of giving you a car too."

                "You can't always take a taxi when you go out on business, can you?"

                "Which of those rich wives don't go out in luxury cars?"

                Fang Hui's eyes lit up at this comment.

                She had long wanted to live the life of a rich wife, buying a luxury car, that was standard!

                "Your suggestion is good, then pay attention to it and buy a luxury car that suits me, I'll ask Xue'er to allocate money for you later!"

                Huang Liang proposed for Fang Hui to buy a luxury car, in fact, the main purpose was for himself.

                Fang Hui did not know how to drive, and when this car was bought back, it would definitely be driven by Huang Liang.

                Usually when Fang Hui went out, she was given a driver.

                Most of the time, it is definitely for Huang Liang's own use.

                Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue had some discussions and soon settled on a Porsche Paramera, nearly three million.

                When she heard the price, Fang Hui was a bit hesitant.

                However, after Huang Liang took her to the 4S shop to look at the car, she immediately decided to buy it.

                She didn't even discuss it with Xu Jiangong and brought the car back on the spot.

                When Xu Jiankong knew about this, the car was driven to the company.

                When he looked at the company's account, which was missing more than three million dollars, Xu Jiangong almost vomited blood.

                This is their start-up capital, Xu Hanxia transferred a total of 30 million.

                After opening the company again, recruiting staff and setting up various things the company needed, they were left with fifteen million.

                Now Fang Hui has spent more than three million in one go, leaving the company with more than ten million in its accounts.

                The most crucial thing is that Fang Hui's car is much better than his car.

                Xu Jiankong's car was the same BMW that he had snatched from Lin Mo.

                Now that Fang Hui had changed to a Porsche, the difference was immediate.

                The two of them had a big fight over this matter, but in the end Xu Jiankong was unable to beat Fang Hui and had to admit to the matter.

                However, this incident also pushed the company into a difficult situation.

                They had to get the remaining funds up and running as soon as possible, otherwise, the company would not be able to sustain itself for a while longer.

                Fortunately, Xu Jiangong contacted Cui Yifan immediately and asked him to ship the astragalus over.

                At the same time, Xu Jiangong also told Cui Yifan about his side of the situation and was prepared to pay half of the purchase price first. The other half would take some time to be paid over.

                Cui Yifan, of course, was all for it, and the next day, the batch of astragalus arrived at Xu Jiangong's company.

                It was not Cui Yifan who delivered the goods, but the manager of Cui Yifan's staff, Luo.

                This manager, Luo, had a lofty face and once he arrived, he shouted that there were many people who wanted this batch of astragalus.

                Xu Jiangong bought this batch of astragalus at such a price, simply taking advantage of it, and was quite upset in his words.

                This, in turn, made Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's heart happy.

                The price is so cheap, this first business can be a big profit.

                The company had not been formed long ago and there were no professionals who knew the trade yet.

                Xu Jiangong pretended to look at this batch of astragalus himself, but in fact he does not know anything about this stuff.

                When he saw that the astragalus was selling well, he nodded his head readily.

                Just as he was about to take delivery and transfer the money, Lin Mo suddenly appeared.

                "Mom and Dad, busy?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face changed: "Who told you to come here?"

                "Didn't I tell you? This company of mine, you are not allowed to take half a step in it!"

                Lin Mo's tone was kind: "Dad, I heard that a large batch of astragalus was to be acquired today, so I wanted to come over to help you take a look."

                "Is this the batch of astragalus you've acquired?"

                "Why does it have a strange smell?"

Chapter 115

Fang Hui was surprised: "What's the strange smell?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "I can't say, it's a bit strange."

                "It doesn't smell like what astragalus should smell like!"

                Manager Luo immediately became angry: "Fuck, what do you mean?"

                "Are you saying that there's something wrong with my batch of astragalus?"

                "Fine, there's a problem, then you shouldn't buy it!"

                "Someone, load the truck and pull it back!"

                "There are plenty of people to buy it, I can't make any money selling it to you, what do I want?"

                "Boss Xu, as you can see, it's not that I won't sell it to you."

                "It's your son-in-law who's picky about my astragalus, and if my young man Cui asks later, it's none of my business!"

                "Tell you what, just this batch of my goods, out of your company door, there are many people outside to grab, know it?"

                Xu Jiangong's face changed sharply, the company is now in trouble, must acquire this batch of astragalus, hurry up to turn the money around.

                Moreover, this business could make so much money, he didn't want to give it up!

                "Lin Mo, you shut up!"

                "Why are you everywhere!"

                "How dare you come here and tell me what to do? Don't you even take a piss and look at yourself?"

                "Do you know anything about Chinese medicine? How dare you say that there is something wrong with this batch of goods?" "I think you just don't want to see us well!"

                "Now, immediately, apologise to Manager Luo immediately!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Dad, what I said is true."

                "I still know something about Chinese medicine, these astragals, there's really something wrong ......"

                Manager Luo was furious: "If there are problems, then you should not buy it, I have to sell it to you, huh?"

                "What are you standing around for? Load up everything and pull it away!"

                "Damn it, I'm afraid I won't get a good price for such good stuff?"

                "Let's go, let's go, let's take everything away, I'm not selling!"

                "Also, contact yesterday's boss Zhou and Wang, tell them I sold this batch of astragalus to them, and raise the price by 30%!"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were in a hurry.

                Especially Fang Hui, who had bought the car and caused the company to be in financial trouble.

                If the deal didn't work out, then she would have to sell the car and her dream of being a rich wife would be shattered.

                Not only that, if the shareholders at the head office knew about it, they would probably have to find trouble with the two of them.

                The company they had started with Xu Hanxia was in such a mess, and if they lost $30 million in one go, they wouldn't be able to account for it.

                The more she thought about it, the angrier Fang Hui suddenly ran to Lin Mo and raised her hand to slap him.

                Lin Mo immediately stepped back and avoided it, but Fang Hui was even angrier: "How dare you avoid it?"

                "What, you're not convinced that I hit you?"

                "You soft-eating punk, do you really think that Xu Pharmaceutical is yours? You dare to meddle in everything?"

                "Coming to us and telling us what to do, what kind of a person are you?"

                "Get out, get out of here right now!"

                "Or else, I'll beat you to death!"

                Fang Hui said, rushing towards Lin Mo as if she was a shrew.

                Lin Mo hurriedly dodged, how could he dare to fight back against Fang Hui?

                In the end, Lin Mo was completely driven out by Fang Hui.

                Over there, Xu Jiangong was able to persuade Manager Luo to settle down only after he had talked to him.

                He hastily took delivery of the goods and transferred the money, and only then did Xu Jiangong breathe a long sigh of relief, as if he had taken advantage of a great deal.

                When Manager Luo left Xu's Pharmaceuticals, he called Cui Yifan at the first opportunity.

                "Young Cui, everything is done! They've fallen for it!"

Chapter 116

Lin Mo left the herb company and told Xu Hanxia about the incident at the first opportunity.

                Xu Hanxia was shocked and was about to call Xu Jiankong, but was stopped by Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo vaguely felt that there was something fishy about the matter.

                It was too much of a coincidence that Xu Jiangong's herbal company had only been open for a short time before someone sent such a large batch of faulty astragalus.

                It was obvious that someone was setting up a trap behind the scenes to deliberately screw Xu Jiangong.

                Therefore, Lin Mo planned not to startle the snake for the time being and was prepared to lure the person behind the curtain out first.

                This batch of Astragalus, which was transported from the herb company to Xu Pharmaceutical, was not used by Xu Hanxia at all, but was sent to the warehouse.

                There was surveillance inside the warehouse, filming the entire batch of astragalus, which would all be evidence later.

                Almost ten or so days passed in this way.

                Cui Yifan suddenly came to Xu Jiangong's office.

                Xu Jiangong had made a huge profit from the deal and was more and more satisfied with Cui Yifan.

                "Yifan, you're here, please have a seat!" Xu Jian Gong made tea and served it.

                Cui Yifan's face was full of gloom: "Uncle Xu, something has happened!"

                "What's wrong?" Xu Jiangong froze for a moment.

                "I've been punked ......," Cui Yifan whispered, "That manager Luo, he went behind my back and received a batch of questionable astragalus."

                "This batch of astragalus, which was smoked, was seriously substandard."

                "I just got word that the officials are investigating the whereabouts of this batch of astragalus!"

                With a clatter, the teapot in Xu Jiangong's hand fell straight to the ground.

                With a terrified face, he said in a trembling voice, "How ...... could this happen?"

                "Ai!" Cui Yifan was helpless: "Knowing people is not easy!"

                "This manager Luo, when he was under me before, he was respectful, who would have thought that he would do such things behind the scenes!"

                Xu Jiangong: "Then ...... that this batch of astragalus was found, what will happen?"

                "Will all of it be confiscated?"

                "I bought this batch of astragalus, how much money did it cost the company."

                "If this is all confiscated, then ...... then what can I do ......"

                Cui Yifan said helplessly, "Uncle Xu, really if all of it is confiscated, that's not a big deal at all!"

                "The problem is that this batch of astragalus has already been shipped to Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "Xu's Pharmaceutical used this batch of Astragalus to process medicine, and it has all been put on the market now!"

                "If it's really traced back to Xu Pharmaceutical, Uncle Xu, this one incident could bring down Xu Pharmaceutical completely!"

                "What?" Xu Jiangong directly collapsed in his chair.

                It was so hard for their family to get their hands on Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Their luxury cars, their status, their spending money, all came from Xu Pharmaceutical.

                If Xu Pharmaceutical collapsed, wouldn't they have to go back to their old miserable life?

                Xu Jiangong had worked for half his life for this life, how could he be willing to give it up?

                Moreover, if Xu Pharmaceutical collapsed, those shareholders would definitely not let him go.

                He suddenly felt that he had really made a big mistake this time.

                "Yifan ah, this batch of astragalus was sold to us by you, you ...... you have to help me solve this ah ......"

                Cui Yifan sighed, "Uncle Xu, I came here personally to help you."

                "The only way now is to find another pharmaceutical company and say that this pharmaceutical company received this batch of astragalus."

                "In this way, it can take the blame for this instead of Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "But this pharmaceutical company, for sure, will have to be finished as well!"

                Xu Jiangong was bewildered, "Then ...... where to find a pharmaceutical company?"

                Cui Yifan said, "In my hand, I do have a drug company ......"