Medical Genius Chapter 1139

 Lin Mo smiled, this old master Ding, he was a smart man.

                He didn't reply directly, but asked Elder Ding to dismiss the crowd, leaving only the Ding family head behind.

                Only after the crowd had retreated did Lin Mo say softly, "I don't have any other high opinion."

                "However, Tianhua Shopping Mall, after all, has 30% of my shares."

                "If others want to take away Tianhua Mall, they must at least consult me!"

                A brilliant aura flashed in Elder Ding's eyes.

                He knew that by saying this, Lin Mo was backing up the Ding Family.

                If the Ten Great Families wanted to swallow the Tianhua Shopping Mall, they would have to go through Lin Mo first.

                However, Elder Ding was a little hesitant.

                He knew very well that if he really took Lin Mo's name to deal with the Ten Great Families. Then, the Ding family would be completely on Lin Mo's side.

                In that case, the Ding Family would be tantamount to being completely opposed to the Ten Great Families.

                Not only that, but also the Miaojiang Companions behind them.

                What Elder Ding was worried about was whether Lin Mo had the strength to do so, against the Ten Great Families and the compulsion clan people?

                Seeing that Elder Ding did not say anything, Lin Mo guessed what was in his mind.

                "Old master, the Ding family, do they still have a choice?"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

                Elder Ding was struck by lightning.

                These words completely broke the hesitation in his heart.

                Just as Lin Mo had said, the Ding Family, had no choice.

                The Ten Great Families wanted to deal with them, the Companions had killed Ding Yuanwu and put a compulsion on him.

                Now, the Ding Family was on the opposite side of the Ten Great Families and the Companions.

                The only way he could have a chance of survival was to cooperate with Lin Mo!

                Taking a deep breath, Elder Ding nodded slowly, "What Mr. Lin says is very true."

                "From now on, Mr. Lin is a friend of my Ding family."

                Lin Mo smiled.

                With these words from Elder Ding, the Ding Family, too, was tantamount to being taken under his wing.

                Of the ten great families, he had now taken down four families.

                The Zhou family, the Liu family, the Fang family, and the current Ding family.

                The remaining six families, Lin Mo intended to take this opportunity to annex them all at once.

                He wanted the entire top ten families of Guangyang City to be at his disposal!

                "Old Master, since we are now in a cooperative relationship, it's time for you to tell me about the matter of the compulsion clan members."

                Lin Mo said.

                Elder Ding nodded, and without hiding anything, he told the story of the before and after of the Ding Family's cooperation with the Companions.

                In fact, the passage was very simple.

                After the Companions had demonstrated their strength in front of the Ding Family and promised them many benefits, the Ding Family chose to cooperate with the Companions.

                The main reason why the Ding Family did not dare to expose this matter was because the Ding Family had ambitions before and wanted to annex the Ten Great Families through the hands of the Companions.

                This was the reason why the Ding family immediately gave up 30% of their shares in Tianhua Mall when Lin Mo mentioned the matter of the Companions.

                The Ding family was afraid that Lin Mo would know about their affairs, so they had to choose to compromise.

                After hearing this, Lin Mo frowned and said, "According to you, there are three families that are working with the Companions."

                "Apart from you and the Liu family, it's the Li family?"

                Family Head Ding said, "The third family is particularly mysterious, we haven't even met anyone from this family, and we don't know exactly which family it is."

                "However, looking at the current situation, it should be the Li family!"

                "Otherwise, it wouldn't be the Li family leading out to swallow us up!"

                However, Lin Mo had some doubts in his heart, and he instead felt that something was wrong with this matter.

                If the third family was really that mysterious, then this third family, shouldn't be able to reveal themselves easily.

                For the Li family to come forward at this time, it was tantamount to revealing themselves, which was illogical.

                Could it be that, in this, there was something else going on?

                While pondering, a person suddenly ran in from outside and said in a hurry, "Old master, family head, it's not good, the people from the ten families are killing over ......"