Medical Genius Chapter 1138

 The next morning, Lin Mo received news from Fang Wu De's side.

                The Li family, one of the Ten Great Families, had gathered several other families to jointly annex the Ding family's Tianhua Shopping Mall.

                The Li family's intention was very clear: the Ding family had sold 30% of the shares of Tianhua Mall to Lin Mo, which was tantamount to betraying the Ten Great Families.

                Since this was the case, the Ding Family was not qualified to remain in the Ten Great Families.

                It would be reasonable to hand over the shares of Tianhua Shopping Mall!

                The other ten families did not oppose this matter and were even very supportive.

                The so-called Top Ten Families were all involved in interests.

                Who wouldn't be willing to get more benefits?

                If the Ding family was destroyed, the other nine families would all be able to eat smoothly, so of course everyone was willing!

                Lin Mo was not much surprised by this news, he thought it was quite normal.

                He knew that Miaojiang could not have contacted only the Ding and Liu families among the ten families, there must be other hidden families as well.

                He had deliberately set up the Ding family last night, firstly to find the location of the group of companions, and secondly to draw out the families in the Ten Great Families who were working with the companions.

                Now, surprisingly, it was the Li family that was leading the charge to swallow up the Ding family.

                Then there is no doubt that the one who is cooperating with the companions is definitely the Li family!

                The Li Family, among the Ten Great Families, had always been ranked in the top three.

                It was powerful and had a strong appeal, and it did fit the possibility of being bought by the Companions.

                Lin Mo did not hesitate either, and he rushed straight to the Ding family.

                At this moment, the Ding family was in chaos.

                Old man Ding had been bewitched by Lin Mo last night and was still in a coma.

                With the tragic death of Ding Yuanwu and such a blow to the Ding family, everyone in the Ding family was in a panic.

                Even though there was the Ding family head sitting on the town, his influence as the family head was actually far less than that of Elder Ding.

                When he saw Lin Mo, the Ding family head forced himself to play it cool: "Mr. Lin, what are you doing here in our Ding family again?"

                "Isn't 30% of the shares in Tianhua Mall enough?"

                Lin Mo looked at him with cold eyes, "Family Head Ding, I won't talk nonsense to you either!"

                "I've come with two purposes."

                "One, to save Elder Ding."

                "Two, to save your entire Ding family!"

                The Ding family head froze: "What do you ...... you mean?"

                Lin Mo: "It's already this time, is it interesting to play dumb again?"

                "If you can't make up your mind, then take me to see Elder Ding first!"

                The Ding family head gritted his teeth and eventually took Lin Mo to the inner room.

                Old Master Ding was now in a miserable state, unconscious in bed.

                When Lin Mo saw him, he didn't say anything and directly took out a pill.

                "Feed it to him, and within ten minutes, he will be fine!"

                The Ding family head looked at the pill with a hesitant face.

                Lin Mo glared at him, "Stupid, your family's old man is in this state, is there any point in me poisoning him again?"

                The Ding family head couldn't help but be embarrassed and hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, you've misunderstood."

                He took the pill and fed Elder Ding to take it.

                In less than ten minutes, Elder Ding woke up with a sigh, and he was truly back to normal.

                The Ding family head was overjoyed.

                Master Ding was astonished to see Lin Mo.

                Immediately, the Ding family head told him about the current situation.

                Hearing of Ding Yuanwu's tragic death, Elder Ding burst into old tears.

                And when he heard that the other nine great clans were going to join together and annex the Ding family's properties, Elder Ding was not surprised.

                "When the wall falls, the tree falls and the rats scatter."

                "People live a life, no matter how high or heavy their position is, they can't get rid of the word interest!"

                Elder Ding could not help but lament.

                The Ding family head looked miserable, "Dad, now the ten families are forcing us to hand over Tianhua Mall, what should we ...... do?"

                The people of the Ding family next to him also all looked terrified, this was the biggest crisis for the Ding family.

                Elder Ding did not answer, but looked towards Lin Mo: "Since Mr. Lin is here, then he must have a solution."

                "I wonder, does Mr. Lin have any high level advice?"