Medical Genius Chapter 1136

 Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                Sang Wu Sang Howl shivered in fear, and Sang Howl said sharply, "I really didn't expect that this old immortal would arrive in Guangyang City so soon!"

                "Brother, what now?"

                "All of the Seventy-two Dong Lords are still on their way."

                "Really, if the compulsion zun kills over, we ...... both of us won't be able to stop him at all ......"

                Sang Wu's face was grave as he looked at Lin Mo and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, do you have any solutions?"

                If it was in the past, Lin Mo didn't care much about Compulsion Zun.

                However, after he had fought with the Compulsion Zun tonight, he knew that the strength of the Compulsion Zun was really not simple.

                He didn't dare to be careless anymore.

                "During this period of time, you guys stay in Wangjiang Garden for the time being and don't just leave."

                "This is Nanba Tian's forbidden place, the Compulsion Zun won't come here."

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                Sang Wu Sang Ho immediately nodded his head, the name of Nanba Tian was something they had heard of in Miaojiang.

                Lin Mo asked, "By the way, I have fought with the Compulsion Djinn tonight."

                Sang Wu Sang Ho's eyes widened at the same time.

                "Mr. Lin, I ...... did I hear you right?"

                "You have fought with the Compulsion Djinn?"

                Sang Howl exclaimed in shock.

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Sang Howl was even more shocked, and Sang Wu also had a surprised look on his face, "Mr. Lin, you fought with the Compulsion Djinn and still managed to retreat in one piece, that's really something."

                Lin Mo said, "However, what's strange is that Compulsion Zun didn't use compulsion techniques."

                "His martial skills, they are very powerful, what's going on?"

                Sang Wu said, "When Compulsion Zun was forty-three years old, his compulsion technique had reached its peak."

                "In order to further improve his strength, he began to collect the secret books of martial arts in the world and cultivate martial skills."

                "At the same time, in order to verify his strength, he would go and kill those strong people who entered Miaojiang."

                "Over the years, at least three thousand strong people have died at his hands, many of them being experts from all over the world."

                "During that period of time, the martial artists from outside, didn't even dare to enter Miaojiang."

                "It wasn't until later that Lin Xiao, the King of the Northern Realm, entered Miaojiang, and Compulsion Zun fought him and lost miserably."

                "Later, the Compulsion Venerable exerted all his strength, even using the Immortality Compulsion, and still ended up almost dying at Lin Xiao's hands before he was completely honest."

                "However, in the last ten years or so, Compulsion Zun's strength has further increased."

                "When he fights people, he rarely uses his compulsions again. Unless he encounters an opponent who is too powerful, he mostly only uses martial arts techniques."

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, he hadn't expected that Compulsion Zun would even delve into martial arts.

                Honestly, if the Compulsion Zun only used compulsion techniques, Lin Mo actually didn't fear him.

                After all, compulsion techniques were equivalent to poison techniques. Lin Mo himself was a divine doctor, so any poisonous techniques would be useless with him.

                However, the compulsion zun's force was strong, and this was beyond Lin Mo's expectations.

                After giving an explanation, he told these two people to stay away as much as possible.

                After that, Lin Mo returned to his villa.

                He did not alert Xu Hanxia and Lin Xi, but went straight to the basement.

                He first sent a message to Fang Wu De, asking him to keep an eye on the Ding family.

                Tonight Lin Mo had framed the Ding family, making the people of Miaojiang think that the Ding family had betrayed them.

                Next, Miaojiang's people would definitely have to deal with the Ding family.

                After getting everything arranged, Lin Mo took out his potion furnace, he was going to start refining pills.

                Within the pill recipe inherited from the jade pendant, there was a pill called the Qi and Blood Pill.

                This kind of elixir was able to make one's qi and blood boil up in a short period of time, thus instantly stimulating one's vitality and battle power.

                The Qi and Blood Pill was normally used to save one's life, however, when used in the midst of battle, it also had miraculous effects.

                According to the information inside the jade pendant, this Qi and blood pellet could raise one's strength by about double in a short period of time.

                If Lin Mo's strength could be doubled, he would still have a fighting chance even against a compulsion djinn!

                It was just that the herbs consumed by the Qi and Blood Pill were all very precious.

                Lin Mo hadn't even planned to refine it before, but now, in order to deal with the Compulsion Zun, he had to grit his teeth and start refining it.