Medical Genius Chapter 1135

 Lin Mo was not lightly traumatised, while the companions, however, bounced straight back onto the palanquin, his face as normal, as if nothing had happened.

                This situation caused Lin Mo's face to change directly.

                After Lin Mo had received the jade pendant inheritance, he had never suffered such a loss in all the times he had fought with people.

                The strength of the Compass Zun was truly not simple!

                This old monster that had lived for ninety-seven years was really not something that the current him could deal with.

                And in fact, Compass Zun was also shocked to the core in his heart.

                With a full force strike, he originally thought that he could directly kill Lin Mo.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo only took a few steps back and didn't even spit out a mouthful of blood, which made him feel ashamed.

                He glanced at Lin Mo and said in a cold voice, "Humph, you're not bad at taking a slap from me and not dying!"

                "However, those who stand in my way will die!"

                With a wave of his hand, a man next to him pulled out a scimitar and walked straight towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's entire body was now churning with Qi and blood, and he had little power to resist now.

                At this critical moment, a black shadow came rushing in the distance and soon rushed to Lin Mo's side.

                When Lin Mo took a closer look, the person who came was, surprisingly, Xiao Ke, the bodyguard beside Nanba Tian.

                He did not expect that this seemingly ordinary bodyguard was not a weakling either.

                Xiao Ke blocked Lin Mo behind him and said aloud, "Senior Compass, this is Master Tian's friend."

                "Master Tian doesn't want him to die here, so please, Senior Compulsion Venerable, please lift your hand!"

                Upon seeing Xiao Ke, Compulsion Venerable's face instantly chilled.

                Several expressions instantly turned on his face, as if he was weighing the pros and cons of this matter.

                In the end, he laughed aloud, "Since he is a friend of Mr. Nan's, then this daddy will spare his life."

                "However, you'll have to make it clear to Mr. Nan."

                "The next time this kid dares to stop me, he won't be so lucky!"

                With those words, the companions waved their hands, and those people once again banged gongs and drums and carried the palanquin away.

                The red lanterns were fading away in the mountains, looking more and more ominous.

                Only after seeing them go far away did Lin Mo sit down on his knees and take three small reversion pills one after another.

                It was only after a long period of time that Lin Mo's breath gradually calmed down.

                He opened his eyes and let out a bitter smile, "Brother Ke, this time, thank you so much!"

                Xiao Ke's expression was calm: "When Master Tian learnt that the Companions were coming to Guangyang City, he was afraid that you would clash with him, so, he specifically sent me to follow you."

                "Lin Mo, Master Tian still hopes that you will think twice about what you do."

                "Don't fight battles that you're not sure of!"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                When he had received the jade pendant inheritance before, he hadn't met any opponents, so he had gotten a little cocky.

                Today, after seeing the strength of the Compass Zun, he realised that he was still far from strong enough.

                When he got up and returned to the villa before, Lin Mo found that the three people in the villa, Zuo Guardian, had long since disappeared.

                It looked like these three people had already been saved when he had fought with the Compulsion Zun earlier.

                As for Ding Yuanwu on the ground, he was now blue and scratched all over, dead for a long time.

                Lin Mo could tell at a glance that he had been put under a compulsion.

                There was no doubt that the companions had taken him for a traitor, so they had put the companions to torture him alive to death.

                Lin Mo also ignored the situation, no matter what, the purpose of the night had been achieved.

                After this incident, the feud between the Ding Clan and the side of the Companions had been completely settled.

                He could take advantage of this opportunity to deal with the Ding family!

                When he returned to Wangjiang Garden, Lin Mo did not go straight home, but went to Barbara's villa.

                Sang Wu Sang Howl was sitting coiled in the living room, and when they heard someone enter, the two of them immediately got up alertly.

                When they saw Lin Mo, the two breathed a sigh of relief.

                "Mr. Lin, you're here!"

                Sang Wu said respectfully.

                Lin Mo nodded, his face cold and chilly as he said in a deep voice, "I've met the Companions!"

                Sang Wu Sang Howl's face all changed at once, "Compulsion Zun has arrived in Guangyang City?"