Medical Genius Chapter 1134

 Seeing the young man's aggressive attack, Lin Mo did not dare to hesitate.

                He quickly struck out, crossing his arms in front of his chest to block the young man's attack.

                A hint of disdain wiped across the young man's mouth, "Wing Chun?"

                "Heh, you southern barbarians are only worthy of using these women's fists!"

                As he spoke, his fists and feet changed abruptly, opening wide and attacking so fiercely that it had transformed into the Eight Trigrams Fist.

                Both hands formed fists, like heavy hammers, and attacked Lin Mo fiercely.

                A constant whirring sound emitted from his mouth, his aura as powerful as a rainbow, deafening!

                It had to be said that this young man was the strongest of all the people Lin Mo had seen.

                In the first few blows, Lin Mo was caught a little off guard and almost suffered a dark loss.

                However, what Lin Mo had received after all was his ancestor's heritage.

                Not only was it the ancestor's medical skills, but also the ancestor's martial arts and combat experience.

                This kind of combat experience was something that had to be constantly improved in battle.

                For the first few minutes, Lin Mo had been at a disadvantage.

                The youth had a cold smile on his face, not even putting Lin Mo in his eyes.

                However, as time went on, the more Lin Mo fought, the more comfortable he became, and he gradually became even with the youth.

                The youth's face changed a little, he really couldn't understand how Lin Mo's fighting power, could gradually improve.

                However, this wasn't the end.

                As the fight got longer, Lin Mo's battle power increased faster and faster.

                At the end of the day, the youth was completely outclassed and was beaten by Lin Mo without the ability to fight back.

                When the crowd of Miaojiang saw such a situation, they were all shocked.

                No one had expected that the personal disciple of the Compass Emperor would be defeated under an unknown young man.

                That young man was also getting angrier and angrier as he fought, and when he reached the back, he suddenly let out a whistle and opened his mouth to spit out a flying insect.

                At that very moment, the man on the palanquin behind him let out a low cry.

                As if summoned, the flying insect turned directly and bit the youth fiercely on the face.

                Caught off guard, the youth let out a miserable scream and rolled on the ground with his face covered.

                The compulsion djinn stood up from the palanquin, his gaze was chilling: "I said, no compulsion, did you take my words for granted?"

                The youth trembled and fell to his knees, pleading in a low voice, "Master, I ...... I was wrong ......"

                The flying insect was still biting at his face and was viciously gnawing at his cheek.

                In this moment's time, a large portion of the flesh on his face had been gnawed off, revealing the gnarly white bones inside.

                The young man did not dare to move the flying insects away at all, which showed how much he feared the Companions.

                The young man shivered in pain and fell to his knees with trepidation.

                Compulsion Zun spared a glance at Lin Mo: "I really didn't expect that a place like Guangyang City would have such a young expert."

                "I thought that Nanba Tian had completely broken the backbone of the Ten Great Families of Guangyang City, and that there would be no more strong people in Guangyang City!"

                "Who the hell are you?"

                Lin Mo was puzzled, he didn't understand what Compass Zun meant by this.

                However, he also had a vague guess.

                The top ten families in Guangyang City, although they had a lot of possessions, were not really strong.

                Even if they were the family heads of the ten great families, they wouldn't last a few rounds in front of Lin Mo.

                This was completely at odds with the strength of those great families!

                Could it be that this was because of Nanba Tian?

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "You don't need to care who I am!"

                "You just need to know that you crossed the line!"

                The Compulsion Djinn let out a wild laugh, "Something that doesn't know how high the sky is, seeking your own death, you can't blame this Djinn!"

                As he spoke, the Compass Djinn suddenly leapt from the palanquin as if it were a great kite, his double palms slapping directly at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's face changed as both palms lifted up at the same time and blasted forward.

                The two of them struck each other, and Lin Mo only felt a tremendous force that shook him, causing him to retreat five or six steps straight backwards.

                A sweetness came to his throat and a gush of blood almost came out.