Medical Genius Chapter 1132

 Three o'clock in the morning.

                Lin Mo quietly sneaked into the Ding family compound and sprinkled some parasites into Master Ding's room.

                After less than half an hour, Master Ding let out a miserable scream.

                The Ding family had a lot of work and brought in famous doctors, but they were unable to treat him.

                The most crucial thing was that various small worms kept crawling out of Master Ding's mouth and nose, looking extremely horrible.

                When the Ding family head and Ding Yuanwu saw this, they immediately felt that Master Ding must have been infected by the parasites.

                They had colluded with the Miaojiang compulsion people and still had some knowledge of Miaojiang compulsions.

                In order to save Master Ding, the Ding family head ordered Ding Yuanwu to go and find the Miaojiang compulsion people and ask them for help.

                Ding Yuanwu hurriedly ran out and drove straight to the outskirts of the city.

                However, he did not notice that on the roof of his car, there was still a man in black lying on top of him, and it was none other than Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo had deliberately put down a compulsion to find the location of this group of compulsion people.

                Originally, he did not really want to get involved in the affairs of Miaojiang.

                However, after he learned that his father's death, the family's tragedy, was actually related to the compulsion zun, then he had to intervene in it no matter what!

                Ding Yuanwu drove his car outside a single-family villa on the outskirts of the city, quickly got out of the car and rushed straight inside the villa.

                Lin Mo followed closely behind and quietly sneaked in.

                As soon as Ding Yuanwu entered the door, he was directly pressed to the ground.

                "Don't fight, don't fight, it's me, Ding Yuanwu!"

                Ding Yuanwu hurriedly shouted.

                Only then did the people inside the house stop and the lights came on.

                There were four people in the room, three of them, the Left Protector, and two of Ur's disciples.

                The left protector frowned and said in a deep voice, "Why are you here?"

                "Didn't I tell you to try not to come to us without something?"

                Before Ding Yuanwu could speak, a voice came from the doorway, "Ding Yuanwu, your mission is complete, you can go now!"

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Lin Mo standing in the doorway.

                Protector Zuo's face changed sharply, "Ding Yuanwu, you actually brought Lin Mo with you?"

                "How dare you betray us?"

                Ding Yuanwu's face also changed, "I ...... don't know what's going on ah?"

                "Lin Mo, what brings you here?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Ding Yuanwu, you don't need to be afraid of them."

                "With me here, they can't hurt you!"

                Protector Zuo was shivering with anger, "Ding Yuanwu, it's true that you betrayed us!"

                "We will definitely not let you go, I will make your Ding family completely extinct!"

                Ding Yuanwu was going crazy, he could see that Lin Mo was deliberately planting evidence to frame him!

                "I really don't know what's going on ah ......"

                He was just about to explain, but Lin Mo had already rushed over and directly killed the four people in the house.

                As he passed by him, Lin Mo flicked out a silver needle and sealed his acupuncture points.

                This time, Ding Yuanwu directly couldn't even make a sound, and was unable to explain at all.

                The four people in the room were in a mess.

                They had fought with Lin Mo before and knew that they were no match for him at all.

                Now that they were fighting, the four of them were defenceless and only wanted to find an opportunity to escape.

                However, Lin Mo had completely blocked all the exits this time, not giving these people a chance to escape at all.

                Not long after the fight, one of them was kicked in the neck by Lin Mo and died a horrible death.

                Lin Mo did not show the slightest mercy this time.

                These people were all people who worked for Zun Zong.

                And it was very likely that Zun Zun was one of the murderers behind the destruction of the Lin family!

                How could he spare his hand for these people?

                Seeing this, the three Zuo Guardians' faces were even more terrified.

                The three of them cast out their original companions and prepared to fight Lin Mo to the death.

                At that moment, a loud sound suddenly came from outside the house, as if someone was beating a drum.

                Immediately after that, there was another tight drumming and suona sound from outside, as if someone was playing a funeral instrument.

                The three left guardians first froze, and then burst into joy.

                "Lord Compass is here! Lord Compass is here!"

                "Lin Mo, you're dead!"

                "Hahahaha ......"