Medical Genius Chapter 1130

 Sang Wu said in a deep voice, "Rumour has it that the golden silkworm compulsion is born with the person."

                "After birth, the golden silkworm compulsion egg is hosted on the surface of the skin, and it does look as if it is an abscess."

                "However, as the golden silkworm compulsion takes shape, it will leave the skin, leaving it to return to its original form."

                Sang-ho suddenly realized, "Then she is really the one we are looking for?"

                Sang Wu pondered for a moment and whispered, "This gentleman, can I confirm this?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Whatever."

                Sang Wu respectfully said to Ah Man, "I'm sorry!"

                After speaking, he took a deep breath and his face turned red in an instant.

                Sang Howl exclaimed, "Brother, you're going to use the Benevolent Compulsion?"

                Sang Wu didn't say anything, he let out two low roars and opened his mouth to spit out a half-foot long red scorpion.

                This was precisely Sang Wu's natal compulsion, the most important compulsion for the Miaojiang compulsion people, which was planted in their bodies from the moment they were born.

                This kind of natal compulsion is extremely terrifying, but when it is cast, it is not less harmful to oneself.

                When Lin Mo dealt with Na Sanzhuo before, it was only when he was finally desperate that he used his innate compulsion.

                When Wuer was sealed by Lin Mo's silver needle at that time, he also used his life compulsion to remove the silver needle.

                However, once the original compulsion comes out, once the original body dies, the original compulsion will become a masterless object and can easily be taken away by others.

                The two disciples of Wuer grabbed his natal compulsion and killed him easily, and the natal compulsion would become someone else's thing.

                Therefore, the companions will not use their natal companions until they have no other choice.

                The scorpion came out, turned twice in place, and suddenly crawled straight at Barbara.

                She was not the least bit afraid, instead, she looked at the scorpion with great interest.

                The red scorpion crawled to Barbara's feet and circled around her a few times, as if it was very happy.

                Suddenly, it crawled directly onto Barbara's feet and crawled up Barbara's legs to her neck.

                Throughout the whole process, this red scorpion did not hurt Barbara in the slightest, instead it seemed to like Barbara very much, skittering back and forth on Barbara's shoulders with great joy.

                Barbara even reached out her hand and gently stroked the scorpion.

                The red scorpion was so docile that it didn't hurt Barbara even when Barbara touched its tail.

                This scene made both Sang Wu and Sang Ho look dumbfounded.

                Sang Wu was shivering with excitement, "It's really her, it's really her!"

                "We've finally found it, finally!"

                Barbara froze, she was a little overwhelmed and hid behind Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, smiled, "Are you guys sure, she's the one you're looking for?"

                Sang Wu said excitedly, "I'm sure, completely sure!"

                "The Golden Silkworm Compulsion is the king of all compulsions."

                "My native compulsion is extremely aggressive, and the only time it becomes docile is when it is near the Golden Silkworm Compulsion."

                "She definitely has a Golden Silkworm Compulsion inside her!"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                In fact, the first time he saw Barbara, he could see the peculiarities in her body.

                According to the memories in his ancestor's jade pendant, the Golden Silkworm Compulsion was the King of Miaojiang Compulsion.

                Once the Golden Silkworm Compulsion took shape, no one could defeat it.

                However, even in Miaojiang, the Golden Silkworm Compulsion rarely appears, and it may not be born once in hundreds of years.

                However, once the Golden Silkworm Compulsion appears, the person who masters it will be unrivalled in the world!

                That's why he said at the time that Barbara was the luckiest person in the world.

                Sang Ho said excitedly, "Miss Barbara, we have finally found you."

                "We can finally go back to Miaojiang!"

                Ah Man hid behind Lin Mo, her face full of panic: "Brother Lin, they ...... what do they want?"

                Lin Mo laughed, "They want to take you home."

                Barbara was anxious: "Brother Lin, I'm not going home."

                "I'm not going anywhere, I just want to stay by your side."

                "You said it, you won't kick me out, you said it ......"

                Barbara said, all but starting to cry in the back.

                Both Sang-woo and Sang-ho froze.