Medical Genius Chapter 1129

 Lin Mo drove on, pretending to be curious and asking about those past events about his father.

                It was obvious that both Sang Wu and Sang Howl had great respect for Lin Xiao.

                When they talked about Lin Xiao, both of them had admiration in their eyes.

                At the end of the conversation, Sang Wu suddenly sighed, "Ai, it's just a pity that good people don't live long."

                "Lin Xiao's generation of overlords died in vain like that, it's really saddening!"

                Lin Mo's mood was also sombre.

                At this moment, Sang Howl suddenly said, "What do you mean by dying in vain?"

                "Anyway, I just feel that this matter, must be related to the compulsion zun!"

                When these words came out, Lin Mo's face suddenly changed as he hurriedly said, "Compulsion Zun?"

                "Are you saying that Compulsion Zun is involved in this matter?"

                "What exactly did he do?"

                "He harmed Lin Xiao?"

                Sang Wu Sang Howl both looked at Lin Mo in surprise, this reaction of Lin Mo was so intense that they were both a little bewildered.

                Lin Mo knew that he had lost his temper and hurriedly said, "Oh, I ...... am just a little curious."

                "You guys said it, compulsion zun is not a match for Lin Xiao, how could he get Lin Xiao killed?"

                Sang Ho spat, "Hmph, Miaojiang uses poison like no other in the world."

                "He may not be able to kill Lin Xiao, but, he can cooperate with others to poison him."

                Sang Wu frowned, "Sang Ho, don't talk nonsense."

                Sang Howl said sharply, "Brother, how am I talking nonsense?"

                "Back then, Lin Xi entered the Miao border to collect medicine and warned the Companions once, and the Companions always held a grudge."

                "Later, when Lin Xiao died in battle, the Compulsion Zun happened to be away from Miaojiang."

                "Compose Zun hadn't left Miaojiang for decades, why did he leave Miaojiang during that time?"

                "There's definitely something wrong here!"

                A cold aura flashed across Lin Mo's eyes.

                He still hadn't found the slightest clue about the family's tragic case back then.

                Now, hearing Sang Ho say this, he suddenly found some clues.

                Could it be that Compass Zun was really involved in the extermination of the Lin family back then?

                If that was the case, then he would have to meet this compulsion daddy no matter what, he would have to find out what the family tragedy was all about back then!


                Wangjiang Garden.

                Ah Man had already fallen asleep.

                Lin Mo led the two men out into the courtyard, and both of their expressions quickly changed.

                Wu roared, "Brother, the parasites on my body, they're all stirring, what's going on?"

                Sang Wu's face was agitated, "Me too!"

                "It looks like we should be walking near the Golden Silkworm Companions."

                Wu Huo was pleasantly surprised, "Really?"

                Lin Mo opened the door, walked to the inner room, and woke up Barbara.

                Ah Man came out rubbing his sleepy eyes and followed Lin Mo: "Brother Lin, what's the matter?"

                Lin Mo: "There are two people who want to see you!"

                Barbara was surprised: "Who is it?"

                "It's ...... Dean Chen and the others?"

                In Ah Barbara's life, apart from her mother, there was only Lin Mo and Dean Chen and his wife.

                Lin Mo didn't answer and led Barbara into the living room.

                Sang Wu and Wu Hao were sitting here, and when they saw Ah Man come out, they immediately stood up.

                At this moment, all the parasites on the two men's bodies crawled out uncontrollably, as if they were attracted to something.

                The two of them were so excited, this was the companions they had kept with them, but they were very obedient.

                The only possibility for this out-of-control situation to occur is to see the Golden Silkworm Compulsion.

                The Golden Silkworm Compulsion is the most powerful compulsion in Miaojiang, and the king of all compulsions.

                There was no doubt that this girl in front of them was the one they had been looking for.

                Lin Mo: "Her name is Ah Man, she came out from your Miaojiang."

                "You guys take a look, is she the one you're looking for?"

                Wu Huo and Sang Wu looked at Ah Man excitedly, while Ah Man was a little frightened and hid behind Lin Mo.

                Wu Huo whispered, "Brother, didn't you say that the girl was covered in pus?"

                "She ...... doesn't have any pustules either, does she?"

                Barbara's skin was now as white and smooth as a baby's, and there wasn't even the slightest trace of pustules anymore.