Medical Genius Chapter 1117

 These three words struck Fan Zhenming like a thunderbolt.

                He immediately widened his eyes and said excitedly, "Are you telling the truth?"

                "Mr. Lin is really here?"

                Wang Deqing smiled, "Old Fan, can I lie to you?"

                "To tell you the truth, I only told you about this because I knew that Mr. Lin had renewed his contract with you."

                "If Mr. Lin hadn't renewed his contract with you, I wouldn't even dare to say anything."

                Fan Zhenming's hands were shaking with excitement, "Then ...... I'll have to take a look at it, then."

                "Aiya, this ...... this is really unexpected."

                After Fan Zhenming finished speaking, he also ignored the people of the Xu family in the room and went out directly after Wang Deqing.

                The Xu family members, on the other hand, were somewhat bewildered, what was this?

                Xu Yufang looked slightly embarrassed, and then laughed, "It must be some big shot."

                "The one that Wang Deqing personally greeted, I guess my in-laws know him too, so I went over to pay him a visit."

                "Come, come, let's not be polite, let's eat first."

                It dawned on the Xu family as well, and they smiled as they continued to eat.

                After eating for a while, Xu Chang Chang went out to go to the toilet.

                After a few moments, he suddenly came running back with an excited face.

                "Big Aunt, guess whose car I saw outside?"

                Xu Yufang was surprised: "Who?"

                Xu Changchang said through clenched teeth, "That bitch Xu Hanxia's!"

                The Xu family burst into a frenzy.

                Xu Yufang shot straight to her feet, "Really?"

                "Xu Hanxia is here?"

                Xu Changchang heatedly smiled, "I just asked specifically, not only did Xu Hanxia come, but even Lin Mo came!"

                "Hmph, this is really like stepping through iron shoes to find something, it took no effort to get here!"

                "They're hiding and don't dare to see Big Aunt, and as a result, they've even thrown themselves into the net!"

                Xu Yufang gritted her teeth, "Good, Xu Jiankong, you said they were busy?"

                "I came back, and they both didn't even come to see me, they even ran off to have dinner with someone else."

                "In their eyes, do they have me as an elder anymore!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, on the other hand, was shivering with fear, the two of them really couldn't understand how Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia had come.

                "Big sister, this ...... this might be a mistake ......"

                "What do you have to do, you tell us ......"

                Xu Jiangong said urgently.

                Xu Yufang slapped the table, "Shut up!"

                "What do I have to say to you?"

                "I'm telling you, today this matter, I have to give you an end!"

                "Long term, you, go and find out which private room they are eating in."

                Xu Changdian was as excited as if he had received a holy decree and ran out.

                It didn't take long for him to return: "Big Aunt, I've found it, it's in private room number one."

                Xu Yufang frowned, "What a drag, coming to the best private room here?"

                "I'd like to see what they have to show for it!"

                "Let's go, let's go with me!"

                The Xu family immediately got up and followed them out with sharpened palms and fists.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui tried to get up, but was slapped in the face by Xu Yufang: "You two, continue to kneel for me!"

                "I didn't tell you to get up, don't get up!"

                The two of them looked pale, and in the end, they really didn't dare to get up.

                The Xu family, in great numbers, arrived outside of private room number one.

                Xu Changchang rushed up and kicked open the door of the private room directly.

                Xu Yufang walked over with a black face, and before she even entered the door, she directly said angrily, "Xu Hanxia, you unfilial daughter, you still have the face to eat here?"

                "What, think hiding from me is all that matters? I'm telling you ......"

                At this point, the words came to an abrupt halt.

                Because, she suddenly saw the situation inside the house, which was far beyond her expectation.

                Not only were Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia sitting inside the room, but most crucially, there were also two people standing - Wang Deqing and Fan Zhenming!

                And what shocked her the most was that the president of the Warren Group's Chinese branch, Miss Lucia, was also sitting at the table!