Medical Genius Chapter 1116

 Xu Jiankong lowered his head and didn't say anything.

                Xu Yufang waved her hand, "Everyone ignore him."

                "They're just being cheap, I'll see how long they can kneel!"

                The crowd laughed as if they were watching a play.

                Xu Yongqing was extraordinarily satisfied.

                He smiled and said, "Yu Fang, you've come back, so I don't have to be bullied after all."

                "Hey, back then, I shouldn't have let you marry far away."

                "Otherwise, I, an old man, how could I have been bullied like this?"

                Xu Yufang laughed, "Dad, don't worry."

                "From today onwards, I'll be living in Guangyang City!"

                The Xu family were all surprised and Xu Yongqing wondered, "Yu Fang, you're not going abroad anymore?"

                Xu Yufang: "I recently took a big order, helping a big company with infrastructure construction, more than two billion dollars."

                "I've already handed over the foreign company to my subordinates, next, my focus is going to be on Guangyang City!"

                Everyone was excited, Xu Jianping said anxiously, "Big sister, which big company is it, such a big project?"

                Xu Yufang smilingly said, "Warren Group, have you heard of it?"

                "It's a big foreign company, and it has a multi-billion dollar project in Guangyang recently."

                "I contracted for the infrastructure aspect of it, if this project is done, I will make at least seven or eight hundred million."

                The Xu family was extremely excited, Xu Yongqing nodded his head repeatedly, "Yu Fang, you still have the ability!"

                "With you in Guangyang City, there's no worry that our Xu family can't flourish!"

                Xu Yufang laughed, "Dad, this is just the beginning."

                "I am very close to Miss Lucia of the Warren Group, Miss Lucia is the daughter of the chairman of the Warren Group and the president of the China branch."

                "Next, I'm sure I'll be able to eat a lot more of Warren Group's projects."

                "When the time comes, our Xu family will follow along together, and we will definitely make more money than Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                The Xu family was so excited, it was as if they all saw the hope of rising ah.

                As the crowd chatted idly, the door to the room suddenly opened and a young man and woman walked in with Fan Zhenming.

                Xu Yufang hurriedly got up and introduced himself to the crowd.

                The young man and woman were Fan Zhenming's son and Xu Yufang's daughter respectively.

                This dinner party tonight was actually a discussion about their engagement.

                Fan Zhenming's expression was indifferent as he casually greeted the Xu family members.

                He was, after all, one of the top ten tycoons in Guangyang, and Xu Yufang's daughter marrying into his family would be a high climb, and he was not very attached to the Xu family.

                Moreover, he had three sons, and this youngest son was himself a fop, and not the one he valued the most. What kind of woman he finds to marry is not important to him!

                Seeing that there were still two people kneeling in the house, he just skimmed his lips and didn't care.

                On the contrary, the people from the Xu family were fawning over Fan Zhenming and patting him on the back as if they were really relatives.

                Naturally, Fan Zhenming understood what these people were thinking, so he just talked casually and did not take a few sips of wine.

                Even so, the Xu family members were still excited.

                After all, this was Fan Zhenming, and it was already a great honour to have a few drinks with him.

                As the crowd was chatting fervently, the door to the room suddenly opened and Wang Deqing pushed his way in.

                "Aiya, Mr Fan, I heard you were here."

                "Please forgive me for not taking good care of you!"

                Wang Deqing said smilingly.

                Fan Zhenming immediately got up and greeted him, both of them were on the rich list after all, and they had no competition with each other, so their relationship was quite good.

                When the Xu family members saw Wang Deqing come in to greet them personally, they felt even more dignified and got up to greet Wang Deqing.

                Wang Deqing casually gave a few perfunctory words and smiled, "Mr. Fan, you guys are busy first, I have important guests over here, I'll go greet them first!"

                Fan Zhenming's heart twitched, "Important guests? Who is it?"

                Wang Deqing leaned over to Fan Zhenming's ear and whispered three words, "Mr. Lin!"