Medical Genius Chapter 1112


                Maplewood Court.

                This is a relatively high-end clubhouse in Guangyang City, located in the southern suburbs of Guangyang City.

                Many bigwigs would choose this place to have dinner and talk about things.

                It was because of the beautiful environment and, moreover, it was quiet.

                The owner of Maplewood Pavilion was Wang Deqing, a famous hotel tycoon in Guangyang City.

                This man had a high status in Guangyang City and his personal fortune ranked among the top ten in Guangyang City.

                Although he was not from a big family, he was a real big shot in Guangyang City.

                And now, the fat and fleshy Wang Deqing was standing in the courtyard, with a group of waiters, respectfully waiting for something.

                Suddenly, a Mercedes Maybach drove in, followed by some luxury cars.

                It was the Xu family's motorcade.

                Several people got down from the Maybach, among them Xu Yongqing and Xu Jianping.

                There was also a middle-aged woman, dressed in bejewelled clothes, supporting Xu Yongqing, with a face full of arrogance.

                This woman was Xu Yongqing's eldest daughter Xu Yufang, the eldest sister of Xu Jiankong and Xu Jianping.

                When several members of the Xu family saw this stance, they were all a little shocked.

                "Isn't that Wang Deqing? Why is he here?"

                "Is he standing here personally, is he waiting for someone?"

                "My goodness, what big shot is there in Guangyang City that's worth him coming out to greet in person? Could it be that a big shot from one of the ten great families is coming tonight?"

                The Xu family whispered and chattered.

                Even Xu Yongqing was looking at Wang Deqing with a respectful face, their Xu family was no match for Wang Deqing.

                At this moment, Xu Yufang, however, laughed lightly, "Dad, you guys wait for a while."

                "I'll go say hello to my friend!"

                After saying that, she walked straight towards Wang Deqing.

                The Xu family's breath caught.

                Xu Yufang knew Wang Deqing?

                Goodness, was her social side already this high now?

                In fact, Xu Yufang really did say a few words to Wang Deqing.

                Although Wang Deqing did not have much of a smile on his face, it was clear that the two did know each other.

                The Xu family members were even more excited.

                Xu Jianping whispered, "Dad, big sister has been doing better and better these past few years!"

                "This is one of the top ten tycoons in Guangyang City, big sister actually knows him, what a surprise."

                Xu Yongqing was also full of complacency, "I have long said that your big sister, is definitely the most promising among you."

                "Heh, she got to where she is today, but it's all because she walked out one step at a time."

                "That rebellious son Xu Jiangong is no match for her!"

                Xu Changyuan immediately gritted his teeth, "Grandpa, you are so right!"

                "Tonight, we'll make them look good."

                "I'll make that bastard Lin Mo kneel on the ground and kowtow to us and admit his mistakes!"

                The Xu family were also all full of resentment, they really hated Lin Mo too much.

                Xu Yufang greeted them and Xu Changchang immediately went over, "Big Aunt, you and Wang Deqing know each other?"

                Xu Yufang's expression was bland: "Yes, I've met him twice."

                Xu Changchang's face was full of excitement, "Really?"

                "Auntie, you've met some big names since then!"

                Xu Yufang laughed, "What's this?"

                "I'll tell you the truth, tonight, we have a guest, and this is the real big shot!"

                Everyone in the Xu family immediately pricked up their ears, and Xu Yongqing couldn't help but say, "Yu Fang, you've invited a guest?"

                "Who is it? Which big shot is it?"

                Xu Yufang smiled, "Dad, as I mentioned to you before, the main reason I came back this time is my daughter's engagement."

                "Tonight, I've invited that in-law of mine over too."

                "This man, you have all heard of him, his status in Guangyang City is no worse than Wang Deqing's!"

                Everyone was shocked, Xu Yongqing said excitedly, "Really?"

                "Then ...... who is that?"

                Xu Yufang smiled lightly and slowly spat out three words, "Fan Zhenming!"