Medical Genius Chapter 1110

 Fan Zhenliang immediately nodded, "I heard about it."

                "Mr. Lin, I'm here today for this too."

                "All these years, I've been busy with my outside business, and I've been negligent in disciplining this younger brother."

                "I also didn't care much about all those things at home, which allowed them to develop an arrogant and domineering personality, which is my fault."

                "So, I'm here today, also mainly because I want to give Mr. Lin a reply!"

                After saying that, he directly took out his phone and opened a video and handed it to Lin Mo.

                In the video, a man and a woman were kneeling on the ground, their clothes soaked with blood.

                The man was kneeling upright, while the woman was shivering and might pass out at any moment.

                These two people, one was Fan Zhenming and the other was none other than his wife, the woman who had spoken out against Xu Hanxia.

                "Mr. Lin, what happened before was my lax discipline."

                "So, after I went back, I taught them a good lesson as well, as an answer to Mr. Lin."

                "Mr. Lin, if there's anything else you're not satisfied with, just tell me!"

                Fan Zhenliang said respectfully.

                Lin Mo gave him a deep look.

                Previously, Chen Shengyuan had given him information about the Fan family, which had a relatively concise evaluation of Fan Zhenliang.

                He was deep and ruthless, a man who had revitalised the Fan family!

                Now that he had actually met him, Lin Mo had indeed seen the methods of this Fan Zhenliang.

                In fact, Lin Mo did not really want to work with Fan Zhenliang.

                However, since Fan Zhenliang had already done this, it would be unjustifiable for him not to cooperate.

                On the contrary, the things that Fan Zhenliang had done had made Lin Mo interested in him as well.

                This Fan Zhenliang, if he grew up, would also be a lordly figure.

                If he could be used for him, perhaps, it would be a good thing too!

                He smiled gently and nodded slowly, "Since Mr. Fan is so sincere, then I have nothing more to say."

                "Tiger, according to the original contract, another twenty percent of the amount will be added to Mr. Fan each year."

                Fan Zhenliang was overjoyed and nodded his head repeatedly, "Thank you, Mr. Lin!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "General Fan, do a good job."

                "Without the Ding family in Tianhua Mall, I guess they won't stay in the top ten families for long."

                "Fan Family, maybe one day they will get back their own glory!"

                These words caused Fan Zhenliang's heart to jump.

                He glanced at Lin Mo, a little puzzled, but more excited.

                Was Lin Mo's meaning, hinting at him, replacing the Ding family?

                With the Fan family's strength alone, that was definitely not enough.

                However, if Lin Mo was willing to support him, then there would be absolutely no problem.

                But the key was, would it be suitable to work with Lin Mo?

                Many of the ten great families were now hostile to Lin Mo.

                How he should choose was indeed a big question!

                Lin Mo didn't say anything else and got up and smiled, "Mr. Fan, from now on, we are all on our own."

                "Forget about him for all the unpleasantness before."

                "I have a bottle of medicine here, take it back and rub it on your brother's wound, the finger can still be put back together."

                "Moreover, the finger that is put back will not be affected in any way!"

                Fan Zhenliang's eyes widened.

                His brother's finger was completely chopped off.

                Although it had been reattached at the hospital, the doctor had said that this finger, in the future, would be lucky to retain 30% of its mobility.

                Did Lin Mo's medicine have such an effect?

                He accepted the medicine bottle handed over by Lin Mo with both hands and thanked him repeatedly.

                After that, he took out his mobile phone and called in front of Lin Mo: "Mr Lin has forgiven them, let those two bastards stand up."

                "Also, tell that woman to go back home."

                "This kind of woman is not fit to educate children!"

                Lin Mo's heart moved slightly, this Fan Zhenliang was really truthful in what he did.

                According to what he said, his brother and sister-in-law, were still kneeling right now?