Medical Genius Chapter 1109

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui arrived at Tianhua Mall and turned around a few times, looking at the dazzling ah.

                After all, this is the largest and most prosperous mall in Guangyang City, and every storefront here is very difficult to rent.

                It can be said that even if other malls in Guangyang are not profitable, Tianhua Mall will definitely be profitable.

                The Ding family has poured too much effort into the Tianhua Shopping Centre!

                A few years ago, Xu Yongqing wanted to rent a small storefront here for his grandson Xu Changyuan, so that he could have his own business.

                However, he had searched for many connections, but could not get a storefront.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui did not even dare to think about a storefront here.

                The two of them went around, found a few more shops, asked about some rents, and left quietly with jaws dropping in shock.

                On the way, Xu Jiangong sighed, "Forget it, Tianhua Mall, let's not think about it."

                "This kind of place is simply not for a small pharmacy like us."

                "Why don't we just change to another mall?"

                Fang Hui's face was worried, "There's nothing suitable in other malls, either."

                "Hey, if I had known this, I should have been in Wan Rong Shopping Centre."

                "That Feng manager, he even said he would help us with the renovation!"

                Xu Jiangong also sighed repeatedly, and now if he wanted to go back, it would not be suitable.

                In the end, the two of them could only go home first and prepare to turn around again in the next few days.


                Tianhua Shopping Mall.

                Lin Mo had just arrived downstairs when he saw Tiger waiting here from afar.

                "What's the matter that I have to come over and walk?"

                Lin Mo said curiously.

                Tiger hurriedly said, "Brother Lin, it's the matter of supplying this mall."

                Lin Mo: "It's just some trivial matters!"

                "You are the general manager of the mall, why are you asking me about these matters?"

                Tiger heatedly smiled: "Brother Lin, other small suppliers, I can make the decision."

                "But this supplier is not ordinary, I really can't make the decision."

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and said with a frown, "Are you talking about Fan Zhenliang?"

                Before taking over Tianhua Mall, Lin Mo had already understood the situation here.

                Fan Zhenliang, was the largest supplier of Tianhua Mall.

                At the same time, the Fan family was once glorious beyond compare, having entered the top ten families in Guangyang City.

                Later on, although it had fallen into decline, the Fan family, among the top ten families, could still be ranked in the top fifteen.

                Such a large family, with a big businessman like Fan Zhenming, was indeed not something that a tiger could master.

                Of course, there was another important reason, and that was that Fan Zhenliang's younger brother, Fan Zhenming, had once had a bad experience with Lin Mo.

                Tiger really could not decide how to settle these matters.

                Tiger led Lin Mo upstairs.

                In the stairway, there were more than twenty people standing.

                When they saw Tiger, these people gathered around: "Master Tiger, I've brought this contract here, can you take a look at it?"

                "Master Tiger, about the lease renewal of my storefront, do you think, when is it convenient for us to talk about it?"

                "Master Tiger, I've arranged a table at Wanchun House in the evening, you must be gracious ......"

                These people were either the merchants of Tianhua Shopping Mall or some suppliers.

                Tiger was in charge of Tianhua Mall, and these people immediately ran to pay their respects to the gods.

                Tiger didn't even look at them and respectfully led Lin Mo into the office.

                Fan Zhenliang was sitting on the sofa in the office, and when he saw Tiger bringing Lin Mo in, he hurriedly stood up.

                "This must be Mr. Lin!"

                "I've heard a lot about you, but I've seen you for the first time today, you really live up to your name!"

                "My name is Fan Zhenliang, please give me more guidance!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him.

                This Fan Zhenliang, it seemed, did not have that arrogance of a successful businessman.

                On the contrary, his tone was sincere and his attitude was humble, which was rather rare.

                "Hello, General Fan."

                "Please sit down!"

                Lin Mo casually returned.

                Fan Zhenliang hurriedly smiled and said, "Many thanks, Mr. Lin."

                Lin Mo sat down in front of him and opened the door, "Mr. Fan, have you heard about me and your brother?"