Medical Genius Chapter 1108

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui left the Wanrong Shopping Centre, they both were so moved by what Tiger said that they really wanted to go around the Tianhua Shopping Centre to see if there was a suitable storefront.

                They were going to make this pharmacy a flagship shop, the bigger and more upscale the better.

                If they could make it, then Xu Jiangong Fang Hui would have his own business, and he would be more dignified when he went out in the future.

                The manager Feng watched them leave with a pang of resentment on his face and a look of disdain in his eyes.

                "You can really brag, you still go to Tianhua Mall, I pooh!"

                "You can rent the shops in Tianhua Mall just because you want to?"

                "Damn, you can't even look at my mall. I'll see how you'll come back to me when you've embarrassed yourselves in Tianhua Mall!"

                Manager Feng muttered, venting his frustration.

                Suddenly, the door of the room was pushed open by someone.

                Manager Feng could not help but be annoyed: "Who is it, so rude ......"

                Before he could finish his sentence, it came to an abrupt halt as he saw the person who had entered.

                The visitor was a middle-aged man in his forties, wearing glasses, named Fan Zhenliang.

                He was the brother of the previous Master Ming, the current head of the Fan family.

                At the same time, he was also the largest supplier in Guangyang City, mainly supplying side food and cosmetics and the like.

                He basically supplied all the shopping malls in the entire Guangyang City.

                His personal wealth was almost in the top ten in Guangyang City.

                Although Manager Feng was in charge of Wanrong Shopping Centre, in front of Fan Zhenliang, it was not even a fart.

                He hurriedly stood up with a flattering face, "Mr. Fan, you're here!"

                "Aiya, you are a rare guest."

                "Quickly, quickly, take your seat ......"

                Fan Zhenliang waved his hand straight away, "No need."

                "Let me ask you, did Master Tiger come by just now?"

                Manager Feng was surprised, looking at Fan Zhenliang like this, he seemed to be quite anxious.

                Could it be that these two people had some kind of enmity?

                His heart moved, he might be able to take revenge by Fan Zhenliang's hand!

                "Oh, Master Tiger did come by just now."

                "No, he just had a bit of a falling out at my place."

                "He's probably off to Tianhua Shopping Centre now."

                "He's looking for a storefront for one of his uncles, and said he'd let this uncle go to Tianhua Mall and pick out whatever he likes, and he'll take it down for someone."

                Manager Feng said while observing Fan Zhenliang's expression.

                If Fan Zhenliang took these things to heart and relayed them to the Ding family, then the Ding family would definitely have to relent to the tiger's anger.

                However, Fan Zhenliang did not have any expression, he simply turned around and left.

                Manager Feng was dumbfounded, what was this situation?

                "Mr. Fan, aren't you going to sit down for a while?"

                "What do you want with Master Tiger?"

                Manager Feng asked after his butt.

                Fan Zhenliang ignored him.

                Manager Feng couldn't help himself and said urgently, "Mr. Fan, I think, you'd better not go looking for him yet!"

                "Master Tiger is feeling a bit inflated these days."

                "The facade of Tianhua Mall, he wants whichever one he wants, this doesn't even put the Ding family in his eyes anymore."

                "If you go to him at this moment, you're not asking for trouble!"

                Fan Zhenliang finally stopped as he glared at Manager Feng, "What the hell do you know!"

                "Master Tiger, right now, is the general manager of Tianhua Mall!"

                "Master Tiger is in charge of everything at Tianhua Mall."

                "Not to mention that he wants the Tianhua Mall's facade, even if he took down all the facades of Tianhua Mall, the Ding family wouldn't say anything!"

                Manager Feng's eyes glazed over, "Mr. Fan, you ...... you ...... are not kidding?"

                "How is this ...... possible?"

                "Tianhua Mall, that's the Ding family's pillar industry, it simply doesn't allow outsiders to interfere ah."

                Fan Zhenliang said in a cold voice, "The Ding family, has already sold 30% of the shares of Tianhua Mall to Lin Mo."

                "Tiger is Lin Mo's man, and Lin Mo has already let his people into Tianhua Mall and take charge of the entire mall!"

                Manager Feng sat down on his butt, he finally understood, Tiger wasn't bragging!

                He had real skills!