Medical Genius Chapter 1107

 Manager Feng almost collapsed to the ground.

                This was the South Street Tiger Master!

                Not only did he run all the way over here, he was even calling people aunties and uncles.

                What kind of person had he offended?

                He really wanted to slap himself hard right now.

                It was an honour for him to have such a big shot come to his Wan Rong Shopping Centre to open a pharmacy.

                Near his Wan Rong Shopping Centre, there were several nightclubs that were often in trouble during the week.

                He, the manager, was often disturbed by these matters.

                If he had rented the storefront to Xu Jiangong Fang Hui before, with such a big shot in Wan Rong Shopping Mall, he would have invited a god of the gate, so that no one would dare to cause trouble in Wan Rong Shopping Mall in the future.

                However, he was turned away from such a good thing.

                His intestines were turning blue with regret!

                However, this matter was no longer as simple as regret.

                Tiger ran up to him, cracked and slapped him a few times and said angrily, "I told you to apologise, what are you doing?"

                "Has my uncle and aunt forgiven you yet?"

                "Have you forgotten what I said?"

                "If they don't forgive you, I'll throw you down right now!"

                Manager Feng's face turned pale as he hurriedly kowtowed, "Uncle and aunt, you forgive me."

                "You guys save me, I ...... really don't want to die ......"

                "Uncle, help me, I won't dare to do it again ......"

                Looking at his bitter pleading, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui only felt soothed.

                For so many years, the two of them had suffered a lot of aggravation.

                They never thought that they would have the day to raise their eyebrows like this!

                Of course, they both knew that the tiger was doing this purely for Lin Mo's sake, and that they had benefited from their son-in-law's glory.

                "Old Feng, what do you think about what to do with it?"

                Xu Jiangong asked.

                Feng Guomin sighed, "Jian Gong, I'm sorry, this nephew of mine has made you suffer."

                "But, this ...... is always my nephew."

                "How about giving him a chance?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded, "Fine, Old Feng you asked, then I will definitely give face."

                "But, kid, listen carefully."

                "If you disrespect your elders again in the future, don't blame me for not being polite ah!"

                Manager Feng nodded his head like a garlic pound.

                Tiger glanced at him, "Count yourself lucky, kid."

                "But remember clearly what my uncle said, do you understand?"

                Manager Feng nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, yes, I will remember, I will remember!"

                "Thank you uncle, thank you auntie, thank you uncle!"

                Xu Jiangong was very flattered and waved his hand, "Alright, that's it."

                "Old Feng, let's go back."

                Seeing this, Manager Feng hurriedly came over with a flattering smile, "Uncle, I'll help you arrange for this storefront room."

                "I'll definitely give you the best facade here, and also, I'll help you decorate it, whatever style you want, just order me!"

                Xu Jiangong was just about to speak when Tiger glared directly at him, "Just this crappy mall of yours, what kind of good frontage can you have?"

                "Uncle, don't pay any attention to him."

                "When you go back to Tianhua Shopping Centre, choose whatever you like, and take whichever storefront you like."

                "This shitty mall, it's too remote, we won't go into this kind of place!"

                Xu Jiangong was shocked: "Tiger, you ...... are not kidding?"

                "Tianhua Mall, huh?"

                Manager Feng also had some disbelief.

                He had managed the mall for so many years and was well aware of the Tianhua Mall.

                That was the pillar industry of the Ding family among the ten families, and the Ding family managed the Tianhua Mall extremely strictly, and simply did not allow outsiders to get their hands on it.

                It was extremely difficult to gain access to the Tianhua Shopping Centre.

                Even if it was the South Street Tiger Master, he wouldn't dare to say which facade he wanted and which facade he wanted!

                He thought that Tiger was bragging.

                Tiger, however, directly slapped his chest: "Uncle, auntie, I'm not kidding!"

                "Go ahead and look, whichever one you like, I'll take care of it."