Medical Genius Chapter 1103

 Lin Mo did not move, "What is so important that you could even risk your life?"

                The man shook his head, "This is a matter for my Miaojiang, please forgive me for not being able to tell."

                "Moreover, this matter, too, will have nothing to do with Your Excellency."

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, he actually knew exactly what the matter this man was talking about, and was definitely looking for Barbara as well.

                But the problem was, Lin Mo didn't know exactly what this man was looking for Barbara to do.

                However, this man, at least, was much stronger than the few companions Lin Mo had met before.

                Not to mention Sang Zhuo, and the owner of the Snake Centipede he had met before, who was ruthless and cunning, was not a good person at first glance.

                This man, however, was still responsible.

                His own parasite had mistakenly injured another person, but he still thought of healing them.

                In the middle of his thoughts, Lin Mo suddenly heard a small cracking sound.

                He frowned and quickly took two steps backwards as a flying rat landed where he was before.

                If he had been a moment slower, the flying squirrel would definitely have landed on him.

                The flying squirrel missed with one blow and once again turned around and lunged towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's face was cold as he pulled out a silver needle in his left hand and flung it straight over, nailing the flying rat to a nearby tree.

                In the darkness, one person let out a furious roar. Immediately after, several more poisonous creatures rushed out, heading straight for Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo also gripped the porcelain vase in his arms, when he went out these days, he would first go to Ah Man and borrow some compulsions for his body.

                Once he met someone from Miaojiang, it would be most convenient to use the parasites against the parasites.

                Just then, the man from earlier suddenly rushed over and blocked in front of Lin Mo, stopping all the several poisonous creatures.

                He gibbered a few words towards the woods, obviously in Miaojiang language, which Lin Mo simply could not understand.

                Inside the woods, he also responded with a few words, and the man inside seemed to be very angry, his voice tinged with discontent.

                The man's face was ice-cold and he angrily rebuked a few times, as if he was berating the people in the woods.

                The man in the woods also became angry and let out a hiss, and the few poisonous creatures, surprisingly, broke out of the man's hands and came straight at Lin Mo.

                The man's face changed and he quickly lunged over, stopping all of the several poisonous creatures.

                He shouted at Lin Mo, "You run!"

                "He's going to kill you!"

                Lin Mo's face was calm: "Kill me?"

                "Heh ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Lin Mo had already rushed into the middle of the woods.

                The man's face changed sharply, "Don't go over there, the closer you get to him, the more poison there is ......"

                However, before he could finish his sentence, Lin Mo had already lost sight of him in the woods.

                After less than a minute, a roar came from the woods, followed closely by a muffled grunt.

                The man's face was stunned, he did not know what was going on inside the woods.

                After a few moments, a man suddenly flew out of the woods and landed right in front of him.

                The man took a closer look and his face changed dramatically.

                This man was his companion, who had come with him!

                And now, this man was bleeding from his mouth, his face was pale, his breath was like a wisp, and he looked badly injured.

                The man drew a breath of cold air, his companion's strength was not weak.

                Moreover, he carried a lot of poison with him, and it was impossible for a normal person to get close to him.

                Lin Mo had gone in for less than a minute and found him, and had even injured him badly.

                In the middle of his thoughts, Lin Mo had already slowly walked out of the woods.

                "I hate it when people sneak up on me from behind!"

                "Want to kill me? It depends on whether you have the ability to do so!"

                Lin Mo's expression was self-effacing, without the slightest feeling of being injured.

                The man's heart was even more shocked, he already understood that he had met a tough fighter this time.

                The man stood with his fists clasped and said in a deep voice, "Who exactly is your Excellency?"

                "You ...... What exactly is it that you are looking for us for?"