Medical Genius Chapter 1102

 The Black Dragon Pool is located in a remote area and is off the beaten track in Guangyang City, so few people go here.

                At half past ten in the evening, Lin Mo, dressed in black, arrived silently near the Black Dragon Pool.

                He hid behind a huge rock and sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and raising his hearing to the extreme. The slightest movement of the wind and grass around him could not escape his ears.

                After waiting for almost three hours, the sound of footsteps finally came.

                Lin Mo opened his eyes and hid in the shadows, waiting quietly.

                A man of medium build walked near the Black Dragon Pool.

                He first cautiously looked around and found that no one was there before pulling out a small cooker from his body.

                He took out a piece of burning incense, lit it and placed it inside the stove, and a gush of smoke flew out from the cooker.

                The man sat next to the stove and looked straight at the surface of the Black Dragon Lake.

                After almost ten minutes, the surface of the Black Dragon Lake tossed and turned, as if something was about to come out.

                Eventually, a dozen of what looked like octopuses crawled out from inside the Black Dragon Pool and followed the smoke to the vicinity of the small cooker.

                The man took out a packet of things from his body and threw it near the small stove, and these octopuses immediately pounced on it and began to devour those things.

                The man stared at the octopuses and counted them carefully, as if he was observing whether the number of octopuses was low.

                After counting them twice, he sighed in frustration and sat down on his knees next to them with a despondent look on his face.

                At that moment, a light cough suddenly came from behind him.

                The man's face suddenly changed as he jerked to his feet and looked over in alarm, just in time to see Lin Mo standing not far behind him.

                The man's brows furrowed as he stared at Lin Mo for a long time, unable to determine his identity.

                "Who is Your Excellency?"

                The man asked tentatively.

                Lin Mo calmly asked in return, "Do you know that raising a compulsion in the city is already crossing the line!"

                The man's expression was shocked: "You ...... you know what I am?"

                Lin Mo: "The Miaojiang compulsion tribe!"

                The man's eyes widened as he stared at Lin Mo again for a long time.

                After a long time, he seemed to take a long breath as if relieved, "So, that person who was fishing, was saved by you?"

                Previously, Lin Mo had saved a man who had been struck by a compulsion while he was fishing at the Black Dragon Pool.

                Lin Mo didn't expect that this man, unexpectedly, knew about the fishing man as well.

                Could it be that the angler had not been accidentally struck by the compulsion, but had been bewitched by someone?

                Lin Mo frowned, "You know about the angler?"

                The man let out a bitter smile, "Of course I know."

                "The fact that I'm keeping a compulsion here is already against the rules in itself."

                "If someone else were to be infected by the parasite as a result, then I would commit an even more unforgivable sin."

                "Therefore, I will come every day to count the number of companions and see if there are any missing companions."

                "If there are any missing compulsions, then I have to immediately go and look for anyone who has entered this area, find the person who has been poisoned and treat him!"

                "When I found that angler, his body had already recovered."

                "I originally still couldn't understand who had cured him!"

                "Now, I finally know!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be amazed, he originally thought that this man was similar to Sanzhuo and the others before, also a stream of straw men.

                Unexpectedly, he had even thought of healing those who had been infected with the parasite, which was unexpected for Lin Mo.

                After pondering for a moment, Lin Mo said, "No matter what, raising a compulsion in the city is itself crossing the line!"

                The man sighed, "I know."

                "According to the rules, I should have to cut off my own hands, return to Miaojiang, and never set foot outside of Miaojiang."

                "However, I really have important matters and cannot leave."

                "I wonder if Your Excellency will be so kind as to thank me with death when my business is finished!"