Medical Genius Chapter 1100

 At this statement, everyone in the room was confused.

                What was this?

                Fan Zhenliang, how could he be so polite to Lin Mo?

                Xu Yufang's eyes even glared out: "In-laws, what are you ...... you doing?"

                "Why are you talking to him like that?"

                "He's just a son-in-law of my Xu family, just a loser ......"

                Fan Zhenliang was furious and pointed at Xu Yufang, "I told you to shut up, did you hear me?"

                Xu Yufang shivered in fear and immediately did not dare to speak.

                Fan Zhenliang looked at Lin Mo respectfully, "Mr. Lin, sorry, I don't actually know her well!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "She said she was your in-laws!"

                Fan Zhenliang hurriedly said, "Not yet married, what kind of in-laws are they?"

                "Mr. Lin, I can have my son withdraw from the marriage right now!"

                Xu Yufang was anxious, "Mr. Fan, our marriage was agreed upon a long time ago, how can we just withdraw it?"

                Fan Zhenliang said angrily, "How can you not withdraw?"

                "I can withdraw whenever I want, how dare you say no?"

                Xu Yufang shivered in fear and dared not speak.

                Fan Zhenliang looked at Lin Mo respectfully, with panic in his eyes.

                When he came in just now, he walked past with his head held high, not noticing Lin Mo at all.

                However, when Lin Mo spoke, he recognised that this was the new boss of Tianhua Shopping Centre!

                Fan Zhenliang was a very resourceful person, he knew that the person who could take the Tianhua Shopping Mall from the Ding Family was definitely not simple.

                Therefore, despite the fact that the Fan family was not weak, and despite the fact that Fan Zhenliang was a black and white man, he did not dare to mess with Lin Mo.

                The business of Tianhua Shopping Mall, on the other hand, was too important to Fan Zhenliang.

                All afternoon, he had been scratching his head over this matter.

                He had been pondering, trying to find some way to approach Lin Mo, to beg him, to be able to renew his contract with him.

                Unexpectedly, before he could find out about Lin Mo, he met him directly at this dinner party.

                Fan Zhenliang looked at Lin Mo respectfully, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "Why don't we go out and find a place?"

                "How about I personally apologise to you for any wrongdoings?"

                Lin Mo gave Fan Zhenliang a deep look and laughed lightly, "Mr. Fan, you, this person, is a bit interesting."

                "Dinner is not necessary, I have little appetite when I see these people."

                "Tomorrow morning, you'll meet me at the office!"

                Lin Mo said, holding Xu Hanxia's hand, and left straight away.

                Fan Zhenliang was like being pardoned, and the gloom on his face was swept away with extreme joy.

                Lin Mo had told him to go to his office, which meant that his contract renewal could be negotiated!

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui hurriedly followed him out.

                The Xu family was left in the room, all looking at each other with shock.

                After a long time, Xu Yufang couldn't help but say, "Fan ...... President Fan, you and Lin Mo know each other?"

                Fan Zhenliang glanced at her, "I didn't know him before, but today I do!"

                Xu Yufang was shocked, "How could you know this kind of trash?"

                Fan Zhenliang was furious: "Watch what you say!"

                Xu Yufang shivered in fear: "Sorry, sorry, I made a slip of the tongue."

                Fan Zhenliang gave her a fierce glare before he said in a cold voice, "From what you're saying, Mr. Lin is still your family's son-in-law?"

                Xu Yufang hurriedly nodded her head and told her about Lin Mo.

                After hearing her words, Fan Zhenliang burst into a loud laugh.

                "No wonder! No wonder you guys let him sit in the lowest position!"

                "You bunch of eyeless losers, what do you know?"

                "Let me tell you, Mr. Lin, is now the owner of Tianhua Mall!"

                "Even if it's me, whether or not I can renew my contract with Tianhua Mall, I still have to depend on Mr. Lin's face."

                "Who are you guys, how dare you talk to Mr. Lin like this?"

                "You simply don't know what you're doing!"