Medical Genius Chapter 1099

 As everyone sat down, the Xu family looked at Lin Mo and the others, all with cold smiles on their faces.

                Although Xu Yufang had not been able to beat Lin Mo in this fight tonight, she had also humiliated him severely.

                Xu Yufang's eyes were cold and glanced at Lin Mo every now and then, her eyes full of resentment.

                When Xu Jiangong saw this, he couldn't help but whisper, "Why don't we ...... let's just go ......"

                "My big sister, this person, I know her too well."

                "She must be waiting for Fan Zhenliang to come over now, and use Fan Zhenliang's hand to give us a severe beating!"

                Fang Hui's face was pale as she nodded her head repeatedly, she had not been cleaned up by Xu Yufang much before.

                Lin Mo was the only one with a calm expression, smiling lightly, "Dad, it's fine."

                "It's just a Fan Zhenliang, what's the big deal?"

                Xu Jiangong was anxious, "Lin Mo, don't underestimate Fan Zhenliang."

                "Although he is not as good as the Ten Families, however, he is also known as a big shot in Guangyang City, and he is known to be a man of both black and white."

                "I know you have a good relationship with Master Tian and the tigers, but this is considered our family matter after all. It's not appropriate for them to interfere, is it?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly without saying anything.

                Xu Jiangong was at a loss, wondering what kind of leverage Lin Mo had.

                Was he not afraid of Fan Zhenliang?

                Just then, the door to the room opened and Fan Zhenliang swaggered in.

                Xu Yufang was the first to stand up and laughed loudly, "Aiya, in-laws, you're finally here!"

                "Come, come, come, take your seats, take your seats!"

                Fan Zhenliang walked to the main seat with his head held high, disdainful of the Xu family.

                Xu Yufang made some boasts and then introduced Xu Yongqing to him.

                Xu Yongqing excitedly extended his hand, wanting to shake hands with Fan Zhenliang.

                But Fan Zhenliang just glanced at him and paid no attention at all.

                In Fan Zhenliang's eyes, the Xu family, was just a very average family in Guangyang City.

                If it wasn't for the fact that his son and Zhao Xuanxuan were very close, he wouldn't have let him marry this girl!

                Xu Yongqing didn't feel the least bit humiliated, but even squeezed out a sarcastic smile.

                Fan Zhenliang casually waved his hand, "Alright, all sit down."

                "Hurry up and eat, I still have some business, don't delay ah!"

                Xu Yufang seemed to be unable to see Fan Zhenliang's impatience and was full of smiles, "Yes, yes, the in-laws have a lot of business to attend to, it's already an honour for us to come here."

                "Come, waiter, serve the food quickly, don't delay my in-laws' time!"

                The waitress was just about to go out when, at that moment, Lin Mo suddenly reached out to stop her.

                "Mr. Fan's time is so precious, why don't we just skip it?"

                "In that case, wouldn't it be more time saving?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui almost didn't break down when she heard Lin Mo speak.

                People didn't even look at you, yet you ran to provoke them yourself, how much does this mean?

                What, are you afraid that this Fan Zhenliang won't find trouble with you?

                Xu Yufang had long wanted to use Fan Zhenliang's hand to deal with Lin Mo, but just now Fan Zhenliang had come in with an impatient face, so she didn't dare to do anything.

                Now that Lin Mo had directly opened his mouth to provoke her, it made her heart burst with joy.

                Without waiting for Fan Zhenliang to speak, Xu Yufang directly shot up: "Lin Mo, how dare you!"

                "Fan is my in-laws, a valued guest of our Xu family, how can you talk to him like that?"

                "How dare you!"

                "Stand up and apologize to Mr. Fan. ......"

                However, before she could finish her sentence, Fan Zhenliang directly reprimanded angrily, "Shut up!"

                Xu Yufang immediately pointed at Lin Mo: "Do you hear me?"

                "Mr. Fan told you to shut up ......"

                Fan Zhenliang threw a slap directly at her face and said angrily, "I told you to shut up!"

                Xu Yufang froze, she looked at Fan Zhenliang with a bewildered expression, "In-laws, what ...... is wrong?"

                Fan Zhenliang ignored her, instead, in full view of everyone, he ran directly to Lin Mo and arched his hand in surprise, "Mr. Lin, you're here too?"