Medical Genius Chapter 1096

 Lin Mo didn't know much about the situation in Tianhua Mall, so he sent Fan Zhenliang away with a few casual words.

                After that, he asked Tiger to bring the books of the mall and went through them carefully.

                Together with the information summarised by Tiger, Lin Mo had a general idea of the situation of the mall.

                Next, Lin Mo left these matters to Tiger to deal with.

                In the afternoon, Lin Mo had just arrived at the hospital when he saw Xu Chang Yuan sitting in his office with a big grin on his face.

                Lin Mo frowned: "What are you doing?"

                As soon as Xu Changchang saw Lin Mo, he immediately sneered and casually threw a post onto the table in front of Lin Mo.

                "It's like this, aunt's daughter Zhao Xuanxuan is getting married, and this evening, a banquet will be held on our side of the house."

                "The old master has instructed that everyone in the family has to go!"

                "Including certain soft-earned wimps!"

                After saying that, Xu Chang Chang looked at Lin Mo smugly, "The word has reached me, it's up to you whether you go or not."

                "Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you."

                "My aunt is a person who can't have sand in her eyes!"

                "Lin Mo, you understand what I mean, right? Hahahaha ......"

                Xu Chang Chang laughed and raised his head.

                Lin Mo frowned.

                He had heard Xu Hanxia mention this aunt, named Xu Yufang, who was Xu Jiankong's eldest sister.

                She had been extremely spirited and strong since she was a child, and Xu Jian Gong and Xu Jian Ping were all overwhelmed by her.

                Later, when she married out and went to her in-laws' house, she was still strong.

                In less than three years after her marriage, she took control of everything in her in-laws' family, including the in-laws' company.

                Even the Xu family, Xu Pharmaceutical, was set up with her financial support.

                Whenever Xu Hanxia talked about this aunt, she was a bit afraid, so it was clear how scary this aunt really was.

                With this woman's character, I am afraid that this banquet tonight will be a Hongmen Banquet.

                Xu Hanxia's phone call came not long after Xu Changyuan had left, and she was urging Lin Mo not to go to the banquet.

                Lin Mo was relatively calm and laughed lightly, "It's okay, your aunt is not a tiger, she will eat me?"

                "This matter is obviously a deliberate attempt by the Xu family to use your aunt's hand to deal with me."

                "If I don't go, she'll really make a scene tonight."

                6.30pm, Barilla.

                The Xu family had arrived early.

                Xu Yufang had always been the most powerful person in their Xu family, and this time when Xu Yufang returned, she had long been clamouring to show Lin Mo some colour.

                The crowd had deliberately come over with the intention of raising some eyebrows!

                Xu Yongqing, dressed in a Tang suit and full of joy, led the crowd into the private room they had booked long ago.

                There was a woman sitting in the room, richly dressed and bejewelled, Xu Yufang, Xu Hanxia's aunt!

                A few pleasantries were exchanged, and soon the topic of conversation led to Lin Mo.

                After listening to what the Xu family had done, Xu Yufang slammed the table, "I don't believe it, how can he still be lawless?"

                "He's just a son-in-law, a married mother-in-law, what right does he have to flaunt his teeth and claws in our Xu family?"

                "It's just that big brother and his family are incompetent and can't control this kind of trash."

                "Dad, don't worry, in a moment, I'll make him kneel on the ground and kowtow to you in apology!"

                Xu Yongqing lamented, "Yu Fang, you're still the most filial!"

                "Ai, at the beginning, Dad should not have let you marry far away."

                "If you had stayed in Guangyang City, who else would have dared to bully me like that!"

                Xu Yufang smiled, "Dad, don't worry, Xuan Xuan is not going to marry back in Guangyang City!"

                "In the future, I will definitely come to Guangyang City often, no one will dare to bully your old man!"

                Xu Yongqing burst into laughter.

                Xu Jianping took the opportunity to say, "Big sister, Xuan Xuan is so discerning, the husband she married must be extraordinary, right?"

                "Which big shot's son in Guangyang City is it that has such a good fortune to marry Xuan Xuan and go home, huh?"

                Xu Yufang laughed and said aloud, "This in-law of mine, in Guangyang City, is also considered a famous and wealthy businessman."

                "His name is Fan Zhenliang!"