Medical Genius Chapter 1094

 I don't know how long it took, but Night Mimi woke up.

                Seeing the youth sitting next to her, she was a little puzzled and rubbed her eyes hard.

                "Lin ...... Lin Mo!?"

                "How is it you?"

                Night Mimi exclaimed in shock.

                Lin Mo glanced at her, "You're finally awake!"

                Night Mimi looked around, this was still the same room from the Hundred Fragrance Garden from before.

                She still remembered that she had been charmed with medicine by Protector Zuo. After that, she felt a tingling pain in her chest, and then she lost consciousness.

                Thinking of this, she sat up violently and pulled her clothes open to take a look.

                Above her chest, there were still some small scars that signalled that what had happened earlier was not an illusion.

                Her face suddenly changed and she said in a trembling voice, "Is ...... it you who saved me?"

                Lin Mo: "Or else what?"

                Nightmist's expression instantly changed several times before she finally let out a bitter smile, "I owe you another life!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Do you want to repay me?"

                Night Mimi stared at Lin Mo for a moment, her expression surprisingly calm: "I want to repay you, but I can't tell you anything about Miaojiang!"

                "I swore to my master before I worshipped him that I would never betray Miaojiang!"

                "No matter what you want me to do, even if I give myself to you, it's fine."

                "The only thing I can't tell you is about Miaojiang!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, this woman, she was still quite stubborn.

                "If you're not willing to tell, I won't force you!"

                "However, I advise you, it's best to keep an extra eye out."

                "Your master is gone, and there is no one to shelter you."

                "The next time you fall into someone else's hands, you may not be so lucky as to happen to meet me!"

                Lin Mo finished speaking, and straight away turned to leave.

                Night Mimi sat alone in the room, hugging her knees, her eyes filled with tears, weak and helpless.

                After a long silence, she suddenly ran to the door and shouted at Lin Mo's back, "Compulsion Zun is coming to Guangyang City!"

                "Let that girl leave and the Compulsion Zun will not bother you!"

                Lin Mo's figure paused for a moment as he laughed lightly, "Many thanks!"

                Although Nightmist was reluctant to talk about Miaojiang, it was hard enough for her to provide this information.

                A compulsion djinn?

                Lin Mo had heard Ur mention this name before, but he didn't know who exactly it was yet.

                However, judging from the tone of their words, this Compulsion Zun, in Miaojiang, was probably not of low status and not weak.

                This person was running towards Barbara, so it seemed that things were very serious over at Miaojiang!

                Lin Mo had originally planned to capture Night Mimic's two senior brothers and force them to ask about the situation at Miaojiang.

                Because of Night Mimic's appearance, his plan was interrupted.

                It looked like he would have to change his strategy and find another group of Miaojiang companions.

                According to the information he had received earlier, there were still some compulsion people who were raising compulsions near the Black Dragon Pool.

                Seeing that it was almost dawn, Lin Mo went back for the time being to recuperate and prepare to go back to the Black Dragon Pool tomorrow night.

                At noon, Tiger arrived with great enthusiasm and found Lin Mo.

                "Brother Lin, the matter of Tianhua Mall has been negotiated."

                "We'll contribute one billion and buy 30% of the shares of Tianhua Mall."

                "Moreover, from now on, the management of Tianhua Mall can only be from our side!"

                Lao Hu was full of joy, that was Tianhua Mall, once someone offered twenty billion dollars and the Ding family didn't even sell it.

                Now, they bought 30% of the shares for one billion, this was a free gift.

                Lin Mo understood that the more the Ding family backed off, the more it showed that the Ding family was weak-minded.

                "Tiger, this one billion, how much can you take out?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Tiger couldn't help but stare, so excited that he almost didn't faint.

                Asking him to take out the money meant that he would be allowed to invest along with him.

                This was Tianhua Plaza, as long as he could take a one percent share in it, he would be able to eat and drink for the rest of his life.

                Many people wouldn't dare to dream of such an opportunity, but now it was smashed into his head.

                This was the benefit of following Lin Mo!

                He, Tiger, was about to rise too!